Violence from Aurora to Anaheim Mirrors US Policy

The brutal killing of two men from Anaheim by police – one of which was handcuffed and in police custody – is unfortunately all too common.  Malcolm X Grassroots Community report on police violence, shockingly reveals in the first six months of this year, one Black person every 36 hours was executed by the police in the US. “The wanton disregard for Black life resulted in the killing of 13 year-old children, fathers taking care of their kids, women driving the wrong cars, as well as people with mental health and drug problems.” July 12, 2012

Following when in Anaheim, the community peacefully assembled to mourn the killing and get justice for their murders, the police response we witnessed was beyond belief. Those of us from around the world watched stunned, as Anaheim police viciously unleashed rounds of rubber bullets and beanbags and a police dog on unarmed civilians women and children! 

The next day, instead of apologizing to the community for unleashing this terror upon them, the police – used the opportunity to don all their fancy new weapons, equipment, uniforms and gear on a group of about 1000 protesters:

To your average US citizen or other unsuspecting observer, all of this can be hard to believe, much less imagine and take in. When viewed however, in terms of the ongoing and increasing levels of militarism of society that includes war, occupation, police repression and highly violent levels of entertainment and films-we are increasingly seeing the blurring of on line and off line life. These examples are going to only increase in time, places and frequency – as was seen with the recent highly publicized, Aurora shooting spree-during the release of the super violent and political Batman film.

Yet in contrast, few know about Anaheim, the killing of Manuel Angel Diaz (nor the countless other poor/victims of color) – which coincidentally happened just a few short hours after the tragic Aurora murders. However this killing spree was not committed by a madman, but by those who are sworn by law ‘to protect and serve’ the public. It is also notable, ironic and perhaps even fitting that Anaheim, also referred to as the happiest place on earth because of Disneyland, shows the levels of the depth of the divisions, hypocrisy and dichotomy within US society.

Ultimately, if policy makers have it their way, and in light of recent developments, the increase in police equipment, training, and planning between local law enforcement and federal officials – and  it is so far crystal clear that they are, we are basically guaranteed to see much more of this type of bullying behavior by the police. Coming soon to a city near you, the only question is: who’s next? For more see: Israelification of US Law Enforcement Ensures More Repression at Home and More War Abroad.

“One hand, you have someone who is a great speaker, but kills little children – our president,” he said. “I’m talking about ordering a drone attack. Ordering drone attacks that go and kill mothers, innocent bystanders, children. Militants too, but the collateral damage. You’re responsible for that, too.” Lupe Fiasco

On James Holmes the ‘Aurora shooter’ – “This US American is just conveying to his people the truth and in the language they understand. He delivered his message in full war gear ; but will they listen to him or will they silence him like they have silenced previous ones who offered them a glimpse of what they are like?” , Anonymous

It is essential we attempt to uncover the “root cause of the issue. With regards to the big debate about ‘gun control’ – “I don’t see gun control as the solution; Anders Breivik was able to kill 77 people in Norway, a country where gun regulation is strictly enforced. Most crimes are committed with stolen weapons in any case.

The root cause is that people are alienated from the paths that best suit their needs in terms of employment, the repetitive, divided, and precarious nature of labor under capitalism makes most work soulnumbing, frustrating, and anxiety-inducing, and there are no social safety nets for mental health care. And in an economy when people are losing their jobs and homes by the millions and being bankrupted by medical costs, increasing numbers of people need support, while fewer and fewer are able to obtain that support. Not to mention the predatory ways in which the psychiatric and pharmaceutical industries profit from the increasing pressures under which people are placed; depression and anxiety are rational, appropriate responses to the stress, precarity, and information overload of modern life under capitalism. Without addressing these underlying problems, gun control does not fix the problem.” Copied from post.


Israelification of US Policy, Ensures Increased Repression at Home and Endless War Abroad

On May 9, 2012 the House of the United States of American Senate nearly unanimously passed H.R. 4133, otherwise known as the “United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act or USIESC”. Despite the stated policy of ‘bringing democracy’ to the Middle East, US plans have never been so clearly stated in legislation to accomplish, exactly the opposite. The bill was introduced by Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) written by Republican, Eric Cantor, and the vote received bipartisan support across the Senate and passed overwhelmingly 411-2*, a clear indication of how close so called ‘liberals’ and the extreme right wing are, when it comes to Israel. Still, over two months after its passage, this most important, dangerous and far reaching act, has received absolutely no corporate media coverage so far.

This bill ensures Israel, already by far the largest recipient to US aid, at odds with most of its neighbors – in possession of an estimated 200 –300 nuclear weapons, and the fourth most powerful military in the world – will now have nearly unlimited access to funds allocated through the Federal Reserve Bank, as well as an “expanded role of NATO” that consists of an “enhanced presence at NATO headquarters and exercises”.1 The primary justification of USIESC is to provide Israel “the military capabilities necessary to deter and defend itself by itself against any threats”.

One of the two voices of sanity to oppose this legislation, is Ron Paul who stated his opposition and warned his colleagues of “an expanded role for Israel within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) which reads like a dream for interventionists and the military industrial complex.”2 Even if one took at face value, the rhetoric of Israel’s right to ‘self-defense’, as Ron Paul also aptly noted “I do not believe that those decisions should be underwritten by US taxpayers and backed up by the US military”3, much less to wage war on the region. According to USIESC, the threats include “Syria, Hizballah and Hamas” and particularly Iran, which “continues to add to its arsenal of ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, which threaten Iran’s neighbors.”

USIESC paradoxically goes on to state that “Iran is now seeking to exploit the dramatic political transition underway in the region to undermine governments traditionally aligned with the United States and support extremist political movements in these countries.” Meanwhile, China and Russia have made it clear they have absolutely no intention of ending their relations with Iran – and the growing inevitability of the US involving itself with yet further endless wars, is looming on the horizon. This aggressive posturing takes place despite the US, Israel and independent studies have confirmed that Iran has no intention of building nuclear weapons, nor are they perusing their allocation.
Additional “threats” to the established system, are caused by the Arab Spring, and the act goes on to state ‘the past year has witnessed the fall of some regimes long considered to be pillars of stability”. Support by Egypt is most critical to uphold the established ‘system’ in the region as well as Israeli/US policy objectives in Egypt. And that is why as many critics have noted, the Revolution was hijacked by the Egyptian Army, under a U.S. demand to contain the damage to the U.S. interests in Middle East. Agreement by the Egyptian regime is also key to set the stage for United States/Israel/NATO policy-or interference-as we are now witnessing by CIA backed ‘rebels’, first in Syria and then Iran, which will inevitably involve neighboring Lebanon and Palestine.

The secondary stated justification of HR 4133, is to “assist Israel with its on-going efforts to forge a peaceful, negotiated settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that results in two states living side by side in peace and security, and “encourage Israel’s neighbors to recognize Israel’s right to exist”. This provision perhaps most glaringly underlines US hypocrisy with regards to its role as a fair broker, as the one-sided, overtly militarized piece of legislation does exactly the opposite.

Historically, unconditional US support and preferential treatment for Israel at the cost of Palestinians, has been an official hallmark of US foreign policy, facilitated and financed with US tax dollars. It will now be so in official policy. The term ‘qualitative military edge’ (QME) is repeated throughout the text of the bill, and key to understanding this historic bond, since every president since Lyndon Johnson has reiterated the U.S. commitment to maintaining it. Rather than being used for ‘self-defense’, a qualitative edge distinctly fulfills the ability of Israel backed unconditionally by the US, to continue to preemptively strike and occupy its neighbors. The effects of QME can be found in section 36(h)(2) of the Arms Export Control Act” – which incidentally is the law, that notable activists have wasted years lobbying Congress to investigate Israel’s constant violation of, due its use of US weapons being used on civilians.

In addition to doing exactly the opposite of ‘forging’ peace with Palestinians, the USIEC makes it official policy of the United States government to ‘reaffirm’ unlimited and unconditional arms and funding to the “Jewish state”. Not only does claiming Israel as a “Jewish state” undermine peace, it also gives legislative support to the ‘crime of apartheid’3 as there are nearly 5 million Palestinian Christians and Muslims living under Israel’s control.

What comes around goes around: war abroad, war brought home

With the US economy on the verge of collapse, over 57% of the US federal budget already goes directly to the military–to forcefully manipulate, bomb, change the regime of, and destroy other nations-the USIESC allows Congress to hand over additional billions of desperately needed US tax dollars, to Israel. Perhaps the most offensive pretense of all, is that HR 4133 was wholly “supported by the American people”. ‘Public support’ can be far more accurately gauged by how discreetly the treasonous bill was passed – sped through, by using “suspension of the rules,” a legislative procedure reserved for non-controversial items that require little debate, and allows for a quick vote. At a time of climbing unemployment, with out public scrutiny– the bill was also able to generously enshrine legislative support to span civilian sectors, including “high technology, agriculture, medicine, health, pharmaceuticals, and energy”.

When inevitably, US citizens attempt to call into question the backwards policies, corruption and complete disdain officials seem to have for the American people, and demand US tax dollars be used on local community needs: there are plans for them too. Though evidence has been difficult to obtain, newly released information has begun to reveal the depth and origins of this ZioUSt partnership. In December last year, it was confirmed that US local law enforcement all over the had receive increased coordination by the Federal Government,  of which whose policies manifested in their brutal repression of last year’s Occupy Movement.

Who the Federal Government gets, and in turn gives its marching orders from, and delivers to local law enforcement, can be found in Max Blumenthal’s ground breaking article published in December 2011, in Al-Akhbar titled: From Occupation to Occupy: The Israelification of American Domestic Security. In it, Blumenthal exposes in detail, the intimate relationship between local law enforcement officials across the country, being trained in repressive Israeli tactics when it comes to quelling dissent:

“The Israelification of America’s security apparatus, recently unleashed in full force against the Occupy Wall Street Movement, has taken place at every level of law enforcement, and in areas that have yet to be exposed. And collaboration between American and Israeli cops is just the tip of the iceberg. Already, the Israelification of American law enforcement appears to have intensified police hostility towards the civilian population, blurring the lines between protesters, common criminals, and terrorists.

Among the most prominent Israeli government figure to have influenced the practices of American law enforcement officials is Avi Dichter, a former head of Israel’s Shin Bet internal security service and member of Knesset. Despite his dubious human rights record and apparently dim view of democratic values, or perhaps because of them, Dichter has been a key figure in fostering cooperation between Israeli security forces and American law enforcement” further advising US officials, they are all just ‘crimiterrorists.’”4

Many critics have openly wondered what happened to the just burgeoning occupy movement, and the people’s movement in Tahrir. When one begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together, the picture becomes abundantly clear-and what emerges is an unmistakable formula for advancing US imperialism and hegemony abroad, while silencing dissent at home. For the remaining American citizens that still dare to speak out and wish to oppose these disastrous priorities are threatened with being classified as domestic terrorists-once branded with the “T” word, there is no telling what’s in store. A recently leaked Army document prepared for the Department of Defense may give us a clue: “disturbing plans for ‘political activists’ to be pacified by ‘PSYOP officers’ into developing an “appreciation of U.S. policies”5 while detained in prison camps inside the United States. The manual outlines policies for processing detainees into internment camps both globally and inside the United States. International agencies like the UN and the Red Cross are named as partners in addition to domestic federal agencies including the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.”8 Furthermore, the classified manual, adds rules regarding the use of “deadly force” in confronting “dissidents” are made disturbingly clear with the directive that a “Warning shot will not be fired.”6

Recently passed HR4133 hands a blank check and provides unlimited weapons, funding, training cooperation and support for Israel-to further fuel already explosive conflicts and violence in the region, and spark even more. Use of the term ‘domestic terrorist, enacts the NDAA (also passed discreetly, with little media coverage or public awareness, on New Year’s Eve!) which throws out the right to a trial, and may have been the final remaining distinction of the US, from dictators and military juntas world wide – into a US Guantanamo and throw away the key!

No checks and balances, the system has failed. 

How is it possible the United States has no money for any social services, community needs including health care and eduction etc. but plenty and increasing levels of funding available to wage endless wars? Is this the society that we agreed upon? Many have been slowly waking up to the reality that the system isn’t broken, it was built this way. US officials and policy makers, along with the bankers, military contractors, war profiteers, and complicit media have effectively rigged it to their advantage. But they depend on our complicity, and that’s why the real battle needs to be fought in the belly of the beast, between American citizens and their so called ‘leaders’, who have squandered their rights and funds at home, to kill and destroy countless million civilians abroad – in their name. It must be clear by now there is absolutely no difference between Republicans and Democrats, whose war agendas are ultimately the same. Yet when it comes to passing anything that will meet the most basic needs of the American people, such as healthcare, women’s reproductive rights, education reform etc – how easily divided, and contentious the stalled process is, failing to accomplish the most basic of progress.

The years it would take to enact positive campaign finance reform for elected officials, create new rules for lobbying, term limits for lawmakers, basic rights for students and workers, energy infrastructure, health care and meaningful tax reform that will redistribute wealth from the top .001 percent – the middle class would be long gone and our planet’s health will have deteriorated to the point of no return. Lasting change must come through not reforming our broken and corrupt system, but through the people together implementing a new system, entirely from scratch. The first casualty of all wars is truth and when the propaganda on the side of those in power, turns to open manipulation-it results in the complete control of an entire society.

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In response to the Christian Science Monitor – “Israel-to-Clinton-Tell-us-what-Egypt-is-thinking”

Dear Christian Science Monitor:

In what should have been a comical headline (but apparently, was not) titled: “Israel to Clinton: Tell us what Egypt is thinking” Israeli officials are hoping US Secretary of State Clinton, after meeting with new Egyptian leader Mohamed Morsi – can shed some light on how to repair frayed Israel-Egypt ties.

Do you want the truth, the whole, and nothing but the truth? Are you sure you can handle it?? Since apparently, the tomatoes and shoes protesters threw at Clinton’s motorcade on Sunday during her visit to Egypt, were not enough to give your and  investigative journalists a clue, and it may not have been clear that the chants of “Monica, Monica”, were not simply an expression of their appreciation of the acts (lol, ONLY in Egypt!!:/) of former Bill Clinton intern, Monica Lewinsky.

Consequently, I can see how your writers may have been confused, since Hillary did not quite get it either – as evidenced by her response when asked about the assault in Alexandria on Sunday, which Clinton characterized the as an outburst of “nervousness about the changes taking place in Egypt. She added that she was “not offended” by protesters in Egypt who pelted her motorcade with tomatoes, calling the demonstrations a sign of greater freedom and anxiety, and mainly regretting what she saw as wasted food.”

Sometimes what is evident to outside observers, is not always so to those who don’t want to see the reality, and know the truth of.. which is apparent to even to the poorest and hungriest of these protesters, that the food was hardly wasted. This expression of self expression is what many Egyptians gave their lives for. And what was evident, is that Egyptians are growing increasingly aware of and outright rejecting this foreign interference in their affairs (Egypt is the second largest recipient to US aid only after Israel – for one reason only, as an ‘incentive’ to ‘uphold’ the peace treaty with Israel.).

Sometimes photo’s do a much simpler job at describing the sentiment – so perhaps this image from yesterday’s protest of her visit, can give you and Israel (and I understand why no one wants to tell them the truth), a hint of what Egyptians are thinking:

For Egyptians, the US’s historic role and destructive policies, are becoming increasingly evident, and the increased levels of democracy are what frightens the US most. Abdulmawgoud Dardery, an MP who represents Luxor for the Freedom and Justice Party summarized it, in a nutshell: “Unfortunately, the United States’ administration, for the past 60 years, has been supporting dictatorship(s) in the Arab and Muslim world. From what they saw happening in the Arab Spring, I think the people in the Arab world have spoken and the United States’ administration has to listen to the voices of the people and they have no other option but to support democracy in Egypt as well as in the Arab world.”

For future  reference – I hope your journalists and those in the press corp begin to wake up to the fact, and start disclosing the the US’s role…and why it is that Israel and the US are afraid of true democracy in the Arab/Muslim world.

The reality is: it doesn’t matter who the people elect as President, the US prefer the military run things. It largely remains to be seen and we’ll see in the end, who will win over the future direction of the country – the US’s interest or the Egyptian people — yesterday’s events scores one for the Egyptian people! 🙂 Too bad it was probably lost upon your readers.