Aid Projects – #Gaza

The following is for those who have asked to give directly to families, rather than donating through aid organizations and/or NGO’s:

Thank you so much for your offer of support and solidarity to the people of Gaza. I’ve talked to some trusted allies and this is what we need to know, in order to best facilitate the process.

Estimates from $300 million in total damages, to $700 million in indirect losses, from this massacre. So there is no shortage of people, projects or potential projects to give to. But, in order to make sure the funds are going to the best sources, please answer the following questions:

1) What are you most interested in giving to? From what I’ve gathered, for the meantime it seems most of the injured are getting treated. But what is more urgent, are those that need their homes built. From this bombing campaign – Around 200 buildings were completely destroyed and 8,000 other damaged during the conflict and 92 homes were completely destroyed.  There area also still many injured and homes destroyed from the last, 2008/09 massacre. Or???

2) Also, how much in funding are we talking about? The amount available will give us a better idea of how the funds can be best spent…and or are we talking about an individual case basis, or several/large projects??

The more detailed information you can provide, the better I can help facilitate it to make sure it’s best spent and goes to the right people.

Thank you for your support!


If you would like to give to a trusted NGO, Middle East Children’s Alliance is collecting funds for Emergency Aid for Gaza: 

Help MECA provide whatever is needed most—food, medicine, blankets, warm clothing—to children and families in Gaza.

MECA is a tax-exempt 501(c) 3 organization. Your gift is tax-deductible. 

An important note: I typically do not believe in giving charity with regards to Palestine work, as the Palestinian issue, is not a humanitarian cause. If one is to do humanitarian work, it must be done in parallel with working for long term/justice based solutions! #BDS #Ror etc. 


#AUC convoy, elevates Egypt/Palestine relations

During ‘Operation Pillar Cloud’ Israel’s most recent bombardment of the besieged Gaza Strip, I was invited to attend a delegation to Gaza, led by students from the American University of Cairo (AUC). The delegation was organized by the student union – which is made up of elected representatives of the students on campus. The students decided on their own, and of course without any support by the university administration – to collect donations and take a convoy of 90 students, and medical and humanitarian supplies to Gaza, during this most recent massacre. The day the convoy was planned to leave, the ‘cease-fire’ was announced and the massive bombing campaign, halted; at least temporarily.


What should have been at most a 4-5 hour trip from Cairo to the Rafah border, took us 36 hours – mainly due to many stops by the Egyptian authorities for “our security”, which many students suspected were politically motivated. After four hours of waiting at an Egyptian checkpoint(!) before reaching the Salem bridge, for four hours – students decided to block the only artery of traffic leading to the Sinai, for at least 20 minutes, until we were permitted to move. We were forced to stop several more times,  and provided a police escort – that was given ‘direct orders’ to take us directly to the Swiss Club-the Sinai’s premier resort-effectively derailing the trip, which was planned to turn back immediately after dropping off supplies at the hospital. However, though the students were all overwhelmed by midterms, papers and work, they did not hesitate to put their education on short hold, in order to successfully complete their mission, and show of solidarity.


Finally, what should have been our sheer joy at entering Gaza, was instantly destroyed with the news we heard immediately upon arrival that, as usual (and as is always the case with who began this massacre) – Israel broke the ceasefire-and killed two Palestinian brothers in a zionist airstrike, just a few hours prior. Upon arrival we went directly to the house of the martyr’s family in Khan Younis, who warmly received our delegation. As can be imagined, the family was struck with utter grief at the loss of this 25 year old man who was recently married, with a beautiful 5 month old boy, who will, like so many other Palestinian babies – grow up fatherless.

Exponentially compounding this severe and tragic injustice is the knowledge that no one outside those intimately tuned into this ‘conflict’ will ever have heard his story – nor about how Israel broke the ceasefire – and is yet another example of ‘collateral damage’, disregarded by history- in “Israel’s” ongoing war of attrition.

Unable to hold back a river of tears, as what often happens when I try desperately and futilely to console Palestinians, or communicate in words – a fraction of my pain and condolences for their loss, I find myself completely at a loss. Then what also often follows is they end up staring directly into my eyes and as if instinctively begin to comfort me, telling me not to be upset! They say ‘humdullila’/ praise God, ‘la ila il Allah’/  There is no god but God, and so on – revealing the source of their unending strength, and ability to project an ounce of normalcy in the face of such overwhelming inequality and ongoing, tragic injustice.

That night, we stayed overnight at a school that was completely leveled by zionist airstrikes in the previous 2008-09 massacre. The school was recently rebuilt into an orphanage for Palestinian children whose parents were most likely wiped out in one of the countless zionist operations which at best, the media reports as a ‘mistake’ or more likely – simply ignores. Regardless of my continuous efforts, in vain, to stay strong – the beautiful and brave women and children at the school, only compounded my lack of self-restraint over repeatedly, as they watched and comforted me with their hugs, and knowing eyes.

The next day we went to a site of another airstrike, where once stood the house of the Dalou family (who have absolutely no ties with ‘militants’) in Gaza city, which was taken out in an instant last Sunday, along with the lives of 13 family members including four precious babies, their parents, aunts and other relatives.

I watched as the students, looked on in horror and utter disbelief, while half in a daze – as they sifted through the rubble and pulled out and carried around household items, such as a prayer rug, a tea kettle and a school book, with hand written arithmetic problems worked out, all charred and covered in ashes.  And for our last stop in the short trip, we went to Shifa hospital, where all of the killed and injured were taken – and dropped off over 60K(LE) of mostly medical, and other humanitarian supplies.


What must be made absolutely clear and unambiguously understood, is that all of us that are outspoken critics of Hamas’ leadership – went immediately silent, with the ONLY option being the full and complete support for their brave and heroic resistance. This outcome is in direct contradiction to the stated zionist goal of “neutralizing” the resistance. The same is generally true of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, which showed complete diplomatic support with Hamas – and as a result Egyptian revolutionaries were disappointed to see, how this immeasurably strengthened and consolidated Morsi’s position and power, as well.

Another important point to note, is that this was the first major Israeli operation conducted following the Egyptian revolution. Watching as students stared powerlessly at the images, and reflecting on the recent delegation of amazing activists from the #Egypt4Gaza caravan, that earlier in the week – instantly mobilized another convoy during the peak of these attacks, I could not help but feel an overwhelming sense – that Palestinians in Gaza would never again be alone during another zionist attack – and/or without Egyptians responding with full support, and likewise by providing a physical presence alongside their brothers and sisters.

It was truly amazing, and I was struck with overwhelming feelings to witness the personal ties and relations that were made, and bonds that were forged between Palestinians and Egyptians. Like I often say, the biggest shock for me over the past year and a half of living in Egypt, was to learn how very little the two peoples know about each other – much less relations they have – politically, socially and culturally. This is unacceptable, as we are not only our natural allies – that have been kept separated and made to fear each other due to a purposeful campaign of lies and propaganda – but we are also, quite literally ONE people, and in many cases (especially near the Rafah border) share citizenship and families, that are split on both sides of the zionist imposed border.

In a strong show of support and rejection of these imposed divisions and borders, Egyptians repeatedly chanted at each stop and during the entire trip – “ya fulusteeni ya fulusteen, demmek demi, wa deenek deeni”/ Oh Palestinian, Oh Palestinian – your blood is my blood, your religion is my religion”, “Gaza, Gaza, the symbol of dignity” (Ramz el Ezza), “Morsi, Morsi tell Haneya never to leave the rifle” and “Millions of martyrs, going to Gaza.”. And as more than one of the student organizers stated clearly – “an attack on Gaza is an attack on the Egyptian people.

It should be clear to everyone by now that governments provide no hope for peace or positive change, and in fact often purposefully advance the people’s dis-unity, misinformation and infighting – and if any positive change will come in the future, the only hope is with the people. These developments clearly indicate the next level in Egypt and Palestine relations, and in a time of gloomy outlooks and despair in the region – are a hopeful sign of what’s to there is absolutely no limit to what is possible–when the people unite.

One love, one God, one people, one struggle. Solidarity and much love to all to those that understand that the struggle for Palestinian liberation, is the same struggle for freeing Egypt from zionist control, and those struggling for justice everywhere.

Please check back for pictures, videos and more delegation updates soon!

Thank you to all that have generously offered to donate. Following is a link to a list of medical supplies that are still desperately needed. I am still in Gaza and am planning to stay for at least the next few days. Please contact me at:, and let me know asap if you can help by providing aid, or helping facilitate getting items here:

Gaza | URGENT | Gaza’s Shifa Hospital Calls For Urgent Medical Supplies | REQUEST LIST INCLUDED

What is Zionism?

Definition of zionism.Zionism is a political ideology (not religious) that was created by European Jews in the late 1900’s, which simply refers to ‘the right of the Jewish people to a state’. The majority of the people on the land of historic Palestine, which was occupied by zionists in 1948, are indigenous Palestinians (who also happen to be semetic people), yet preferential laws and rights for Jews only, create an inherent contradiction and the impossibility and of reconciling zionism with democracy. In fact, this ideology and its practices, are much more closely aligned with the political ideologies of nazism, and white supremacy – and with the practices of colonialism-and this is the final, old remnant of European colonialism, and  it must come to an end, if there is ever to be peace in the holy land.

In fact, that is why those who know intimately well, the insidious policies, and nature of the state of “Israel”, have outright rejected the right of the state to exist. In fact, doing legitimizes the entity, that was created based on a mountain of lies, mass theft, murder and domination and built on the backs of and the desecration of the Palestinian people, society and culture.

Also, you don’t have to be a Jew or an Israeli to be a zionist. In fact the largest population of zionists are Christians, which in many cases provide funds to terror settlers and support backwards, senseless violence that leads us down the road towards Armageddon. Furthermore, to simply refer to the zionist state of “Israel” is completely misleading, because none of their ethnic cleansing practices would be made possible another day without the full diplomatic backing, and military/funding and support of the US government – so I hardly make any distinction between the two governments.

This definition includes those who are for a two state solution, as those of us struggling for justice have come to believe that the only just solution is: one state for all people, equal rights and democracy for all.

URGENT APPEAL: Please Donate to Provide Medical Supplies to Gaza


How long will the world sit by and witness this massacre? How many more Palestinian babies must be sacrificed in Gaza before we put the genocide to an end??


SINCE, human rights groups, useless governments, the UN, and other international orgs have failed their obligation to protect the besieged civilians of Gaza and stop the Israeli aggression- the Palestinian people are calling on people of conscious to come, provide witness and stand beside them during this viscous attack on Gaza, and all of humanity.

With no institutional funding, or support from political parties, I will go with a delegation of Egyptian students, & people of conscience to witness the onslaught, give medical and humanitarian supplies – and speak out about the Israeli war crimes to the Rafah borders, inshallah tomorrow at dawn. We need your support to raise our voice among the international community. Please do and give what ever you can to help reverse a fraction of the pain, suffering and damage caused and upheld by these blood thirsty governments, and we promise to ensure that the supplies go directly where they are most needed, to purchase desperately needed medicine and pain the majority of these supplies are running out quickly.
To give, just go to and enter my email address:


For 8 straight days: the rising death toll of the Israeli bombing campaign has indiscriminately massacred 150 Palestinians, the vast majority of which are civilians – 100% of which are terrorized, around the clock – with no end in sight. With their massive military might – all made possible with US weapons, tax dollars and unlimited support, Israel has almost completely decimated Palestinian infrastructure and key institutions, and has even proudly announced its targeting of journalists, while over one thousand two hundred Israeli bombs have been dropped of the entirely defenseless 1.6 million residents–in a tiny stripof land, that is ONLY 25 MILES LONG!!!

But of course, this is nothing new…

For the past 5 years the entire population of Gaza have been taken hostage – caged in, and effectively locked out by an illegal international blockade upheld by the US and Israel.

For the past decade, the illegal occupation of Gaza and Palestine has taken increasingly brutal forms of violence against an unrepresented, subjugated people. Without rights or representation, Israel has with complete impunity insidiously, systematically and effectively attacked, stolen

Of course, this is all part and parcel of the zioinst plan, which was formed at the end of the 18th century, made official in 1918 by the Balfour declaration, when the British gave away what was never theirs, to a people for which none of this belonged…and of course in doing so, stole it all from their rightful owners–displacing nearly 800.000 Palestinians in the process, while erasing off the map – nearly 500 villages.The more you learn about this “conflict” the more you realize there’s no mistaking the very purposeful, ongoing and SYSTEMATIC destruction of the entire history, culture, society and way of life for the Palestinian people. That’s what we mean by ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Thank you for your support! Long live Gaza, and the Palestinian people♥

#Americans, MUST WATCH, and see where your #US taxes go – … … what you don’t see in media #Gaza#GazaUnderAttack