Take Action Against Zionist Hate Bombs, Set to Drop in NYC This Week

Ad Calling Jihad ‘Savage’ Is Set to Appear in Subways in NY and DC …

New York times reported last week that “New Yorkers will soon encounter another potentially inflammatory rendering of Islam: an advertisement in the transit system” that reads:

For those that know the extreme hate, power and unlimited access to funds the right wing has access to in the US, it came as little surprise that the same folks that brought us the trashy little trailer last week, are seeking to pour more fuel onto the open wound of Muslims worldwide.

As more evidence was revealed about the right wing extremist zionist group that released the no-quality, juvenile trailer mocking the Prophet Muhammad, it became clear that the same network, or as Max Blumenthal calls them the “axis of Islamophobia, that takes inspiration from the writings of Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, and Daniel Pipes.” was responsible.

Free speech or Hate speech

The NY Times article further cited the first amendment, as justification in running the ads:

After rejecting the ads initially, then losing a federal court ruling on First Amendment grounds, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said on Tuesday that the ads were expected to appear next week at 10 subway stations. “Our hands are tied,” Aaron Donovan, a spokesman for the New York Transit Authority, said they will honor “the First Amendment rights of the group that sought to place the ad, the American Freedom Defense Initiative. The authority had cited the ad’s “demeaning” language in barring its placement.”

Meanwhile, the blatant display of hate, comes ironically at the height of the fight against US citizens-being stripped away of their civil rights, by President Obama and the US government who defend – “its ability to indefinitely detain any person without charge or trial.” As reported last week, in an article titled Obama Fights to Continue Indefinite Detentions, NDAA a lawsuit against the law that was signed by Obama,“was filed by a large group of journalists and activists, spearheaded by journalist Chris Hedges, who argued that the law was unconstitutional and a threat to free speech. What’s most important for American’s to take note of with this overwhelming display of hypocrisy by policy makers, is what they really mean by ‘freedom of speech’ – and that is, reserved for zionists only.

The New York Times article, also reported that the ads are due to appear in Washington DC – in the near future:

The American Freedom Defense Initiative has also purchased ad space in Washington, but the transit authority there said Tuesday that it had “deferred” the ad’s placement “out of a concern for public safety, given current world events.”

Muneer Awad, the executive director of the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said:

The ads were an attempt to “define Muslims” through hate speech. The group had not called for the ads’ removal, though it has asked the transportation authority to redirect funds it receives for the ads to the city’s Human Rights Commission. “It’s perfectly legal to be a bigot and to be a racist,” he said. “We want to make sure there’s a counter-voice.”

The transportation authority has said it did not try to block these ads “because they did not meet the agency’s threshold for “demeaning” language”, please let them know if you disagree with their definition of demeaning, and its reflection on the transit system itself. We must fight back against this blatant hate mongering paid in full by the right wing fringe, lunatics – sanctioned by the state. New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the US, if not world. If this precedent is set in one of the most metropolitan, open societies such as New York, the only question is, who’s next?

Take Action: Call New York Transit Authority to redirect ad funds to Human Rights Commission

From within New York dial 511 to reach the New York State transit authority then simply say, MTA or Subways and Buses. Deaf/hard of hearing customers: use your preferred relay service provider or the free 711 service relay to reach 511. To send an email/message, click here.

Out of region and international callers – call the corporate office at: 212-878-7000 or 877-690-5116; M-F 9AM-5 PM.

In Washington DC the number to reach the Transit Authority and leave your suggestions and comments is: 202-637-1328; M-F: 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Some quotes ‘available for publication’, that can also be used as talking points, thanks to IMEU:

ZEAD RAMADAN, President of the board of directors for the Council on American Islamic Relations of New York (CAIR-NY):

‘”Savage” is a racist term. It’s a pity New Yorkers have to look at this offensive ad. We call on the MTA to create a policy rejecting racist and hateful ads, and hope they’ll use the profits made from this one to fund ads promoting respect for all.’

REZA ASLAN, New York-based member of the Council on Foreign Relations, founder of AslanMedia.com, and author of the international best-seller No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam:

‘Pamela Geller’s organization, “Stop Islamization of America,” has been designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group. Imagine if the KKK were to place ads on New York subways promoting their hateful ideology. The topic of the ads would be irrelevant. The mere identity of the organization paying for them would be enough for Americans to decry them.’

LINDA SARSOUR, Director of the Arab American Association of New York and the National Advocacy Director for the National Network for Arab-American Communities (NNAAC):

‘It’s ironic that the charge that Muslims are uncivilized is coming from a woman who is hiding behind freedom of speech to promote hate in an uncivilized manner.’

REBECCA VILKOMERSON, New York-based Executive Director of Jewish Voice for Peace:

‘As Jews, we remember our own history of facing discrimination and oppression based on religious status and thus feel doubly obligated to speak out against the vile bigotry and hate displayed in these ads. Pam Geller’s cynical targeting of an entire religious community to drum up support for Israel is particularly noxious, but does helpfully reveal the links between Islamophobia and unconditional support for Israel.’

REMI KANAZI, Brooklyn-based Palestinian-American poet and author of Poetic Injustice: Writings on Resistance and Palestine, and editor of Poets for Palestine:

‘Sadly, the offensive anti-Palestinian bus ads and the “savage” discourse is the same type of racist language that was used to defend slavery in our country and apartheid in South Africa. While the modern world wakes up to Israel’s increasingly violent and illegal occupation, hate groups, like the one producing these bus ads, are at the forefront of defending a system that dehumanizes millions of Palestinians who simply want to live a dignified life, as anyone else would.’

YOUSEF MUNAYYER, Executive Director of the Jerusalem Fund and the Palestine Center in Washington DC:

‘At a moment when understanding is needed to calm tensions, Pam Geller chooses yet again to throw fuel on the fire. Geller, like other extremists peddling a divisive Manichean worldview, wants to convince Americans that we are locked in an all-out, winner-take-all war with 1.5 billion co-inhabitants of this planet. Geller’s views, and the views of others who share them, should be relegated to the trash bin of society.’

Ad Calling Jihad ‘Savage’ Is Set to Appear in Subway by Matt Flegenheimer: September 18, 2012 http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/19/nyregion/ad-demeaning-muslims-to-appear-in-new-york-subway.html?_r=2&pagewanted=print


China and Russia Strike Major Blow to US Dollar

In a shocking announcement only heard by a few radio listeners, on September 12, 2012 – Pastor Lindsey Williams* announced that this time is: “The beginning of the end of the reserve currency status of the US dollar. America, as a country, is teetering on bankruptcy and the government and public are in complete denial.”

On September 6 – this major news which, corporate media does not seem to find newsworthy – China announced one of the most important developments in global economics, that it’s said will cause the value of the U.S. dollar to fall dramatically – and the cost of living in the United States to go way up.

“China made the official announcement that our banking system is ready, all of our communication systems are ready, all of the transfer systems are ready, and as of that day, Thursday, Sept. 6, any nation in the world that wishes from this point on, to buy, sell, or trade crude oil, can do using the Chinese currency, not the American dollar. – Interview with Natty Bumpo on the Just Measures Radio network, Sept. 11

In 1971 the U.S. took the dollar off the gold standard, and moved to trading in petrodollar – since then, the U.S. dollar has been the primary reserve currency of the world. Ron Paul says:

“In essence, we declared our insolvency in 1971. Everyone recognized some other monetary system had to be devised in order to bring stability to the markets. Amazingly, a new system was devised which allowed the U.S. to operate the printing presses for the world reserve currency with no restraints placed on it– not even a pretense of gold convertibility! Realizing the world was embarking on something new and mind-boggling, elite money managers, with especially strong support from U.S. authorities, struck an agreement with OPEC in the 1970s to price oil in U.S. dollars exclusively for all worldwide transactions. This gave the dollar a special place among world currencies and in essence backed the dollar with oil.

For decades, China, Japan and Asia have been the major economic competitors of the US, at the same time forgiving US growing debt – which created a US dependency on these countries, and of global trading in US dollars. Now this move away from dollars will signal to investors, to think about selling off dollars; as can be seen in the index which dropped immediately, following the announcement.

Since China is not a natural oil producing nation, Russia has agreed to sell oil to China in the Yan – while Iran has already been doing so, and is likely to increase its sales; in any and all amounts as needed. This could also strike a huge blow by Russia and China, against US sanctions of Iran- which the US has been pressuring the eastern power bloc, to uphold. Therefore, while Western markets are closing, Eastern markets including India and potentially Europe (for which to uphold the Iranian embargo, is of large cost, for little gain) remain open for Iranian business.

In fact, these developments seem to change the entire political landscape and old strategic interests and alliances, completely shifting the power structure. This new agreement between Russia and China will also have serious political implications with regards to the rest of the Middle East. With U.S. sanctions against Iran carrying little weight, these nations will be able to develop their own economic strength and political independence from the west and in the region.   “The two countries also have shared energy interests. Russia and Iran are the world’s two biggest exporters of natural gas. Russia also has established a “strategic partnership” with Iran, linking the success of Russia’s state-run energy monopoly Gazprom with the success of the Iranian energy industry.1

Lindsey Williams: “This has never happened in the history of crude oil. Since crude oil became the motivating force behind our (U.S.) entire economy, and everything in our lives revolves around crude oil. And since crude oil became the motivating factor behind our economy… never, ever has crude oil been sold, bought, traded, in any country in the world, without using the American dollar.”

“Crude oil is the standard currency of the world. Not the Yen, not the Pound, not the Dollar. More money is transferred around the world in crude oil than in any other product. On Friday, Sept. 7, Russia announced, that as of today, we will supply China with all of the crude oil that they need, no matter how much they want… there is no limit. And Russia will not sell or trade this crude oil to China using the American dollar.” –Interview with Natty Bumpo on the Just Measures Radio network, Sept. 11

These actions by the some of the most powerful competitors of the U.S. economy and empire, have now joined forces to make a move to attack the primary economic stronghold that keeps America as the most powerful economic superpower. Once the majority of the world begins to bypass the dollar, and purchase oil in other currencies, then the full weight of US debt and diminished manufacturing has the potential to come crashing down on the American people.

“The world changed last week, and there was nary a word spoken by Wall Street or by politicians who reveled in their own magnificence as this event took place during the party conventions. A major blow was done on Sept. 6 to the American empire, and to the power of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. And China, along with Russia, are now aiming to become the controllers of energy, and thus, controllers of a new petro-currency.”2

Right Wing Hate Groups Responsible for Anti-Islam ‘Film’ – Produce Desired Outcome

ORIGINAL TITLE: ‘NO Anti-Islamic film MAY have been made by Egyptian director: Meanwhile Very Real Attack on Libya, on its Way’ due to updated information. See below for breaking news and regular updates.

Fury rages across the Muslim world, with a growing number protests and attacks at U.S. embassies, the burning of American flags – the Pentagon rushes to bolster security at its missions. Although the anger was triggered and is directed at the video – the majority of Muslims and Arabs, have a long history of justified anger and outrage towards US polcies and injustices in the region, which has been stewing for a long time.

Still, reactionary protests continue to grow – despite the fact that these protests in no way serve the interests of Muslims or Arabs. As more information becomes available, it is clear the ‘film’ was deliberately released as a “provocation” by a very well financed and powerful right wing network that is “obsessively fixated on the supposed spread of Muslim influence in America. Its apparatus spans continents, extending from Tea Party activists here to the European far right. It brings together in common cause right-wing ultra-Zionists, Christian evangelicals, and racist British soccer hooligans.” Its agenda supports right wing interests, a Romney presidency – and ultimately an attack on Iran and further militarization of the Arab world and Africa.

However, ironically in Libya: “It is not unusual to see in city squares or outside shops in Benghazi the American flag along with that of France and Turkey and Qatar, countries that, albeit almost never without ulterior motives, helped Libya’s revolution. Yet notwithstanding that sincere gratitude, many Libyans continue to associate America, because of its actions in Iraq and Afghanistan and its defense of Israeli policy, with violent imperial pursuits and double standards.” Read more in this important article titled, What was really behind the Benghazi attack

The story of the anti-Islam ‘film’, gets more absurd by the minute and if it weren’t such a tragedy, it would be a no-quality, slap stick, comedy of horrors. The ‘facts’ continue to change and as usual, it’s impossible to know the full truth from the US media. In order to gain an understanding of what’s going on, and since the growing sentiment of anti-American protests, have spread throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia – with possibly no end in sight-we are forced to patch together the information from the most credible sources we can find.

Initially, the producer of the “film” was at first thought to be an Israeli/American real estate developer named Sam Bacile who: “told AP that the film was made with $5 MILLION raised from 100 Jewish donors. He said he was motivated to help his native country, Israel, by exposing the evils of Islam” (do they have any idea what I could do with 5 million dollars to make peace in ‘his’, so called native country?!). Soon , in a quick reversal, the news changed to the claim that it was produced by an Egyptian Copt. Then in a sudden bizarre twist, a Christian American man with Egyptian roots, named Morris Sadek said he helped Terry Jones (the man who called for burning the Quran last year) to make the flick. An American production company called “Stand up America” owned by Jones produced it.

Then even more strange news came to light about this already ridiculous film, and questionable story. In interviews two of the actors, said they had no idea they were participating in an anti-Islamic video. In an interview from his blog, who also acts as a gay porn star, amongst other roles, said he:

“auditioned for a movie called Desert Storm that was about Ancient Warriors. My character was called Sampson on the paper with a few lines I got each day upon arriving on set. We never saw a full script or any lines after the day we shot them. Many questions were asked regarding absurdity of lines and situations. Sam the producer who I believed to be, but not certain as Egyptian. His reply would always to work with what we were given as he wrote the script. The clip that I saw part of today for the first time is questionable as to being my voice. The voice over work is dubious at best.

A Christian Monitor article, also titled:  There may be no anti-Islamic movie at all raised the possibility that all the fuss may have been “ginned up by someone sitting a basement with cheap dubbing software. The fact that almost every instance of language referring to Islam or Muhammad in the film has been dubbed in. That is, mouths are mouthing but the words you’re hearing don’t match.” Due to the number of lies and misrepresentations associated with the alleged non-film, film, we can speculate all day who made it, and what their goals were. Until information and the evidence is clear, the effects, and what we do know as more evidence is revealed by the hour.

What do Al-Qaeda/Islamists, American Christian fundamentalists/zionists, and Coptic Egyptian have in common?

In his first interview with foreign media since the violence three days earlier: President of Libya Mohamed al-Magarief told Al Jazeera on Friday “I think this was al-Qaeda,” This seems likely from all the media reports coming out, and underscores the necessary relationship between right wing Christian zionist elements and right wing Islamic forces, who feed off each others violence, to gain strength and credibility (listen to  Democracy Now for more on Al-Qaeda’s recruitment strategy for the youth of Libya), further exposing their lack of intelligent, strategic political agenda – unless which many might argue – the responses, are the desired outcome.

Of course, the immediate and predictable response of the US government was to deploy marinesdrones and war ships to the country, and to Yemen as well! What this will possibly accomplish, besides adding more violence to the already volatile and unstable situation, is a complete mystery. Unless chaos is the goal. At the end of the day: does it really matter whether it was a right wing conspiracy, OR  just an opportunity used by the right wing–to advance in the elections, and further neo-con goals – when the effects are the same?

The practice of collective punishment, in this case of using drones on the Libyan people, will just stoke more anti-American hatred (as seen in Yemen, Pakistan etc) by extremist elements, compounding the clear relationship and the need the right wing, and religious extremists have with each other. In 2008, US Africa Command tried desperately, but failed to implement AFRICOM. Their main impediment to implement their goals in Africa, was largely Gadaffi. Are military commanders intent to use this opportunity to pursue it again – that is US military occupation, or bases, throughout the continent of Africa?

Americans must reject the ever increasing military spending, that the US has committed 58% of the entire federal budget to. To justify the massive, insane and ever-growing investment, it must always create chaos, crisis and an enemy for its survival. “For four years, the unnoted deaths of hundreds of civilians in Yemen and Pakistan who were wrongfully killed by these “smart” weapons have not given the Obama administration enough reason to question the troubling consequences of drone warfare. Perhaps the tragic deaths of four Americans in Libya finally will.” (from article: Of Stupid Men and Smart Machines)

As one might ask, what was the intention of an Egyptian Coptic to drive violence against his people back home, not to mention the global response, that was equally inevitable. Marc Levine, in his article from today in Al-Jazeera, titled: Blowback of the ugliest kind: The lessons no one will learn from Benghazi explains the plight of Coptic Christians in Egypt. As these fundamentalist right wingers combine forces, so should those seeking justice, equality and truth to work more closely together.

Arabs and Muslims don’t need to be so defensive, and should quit apologizing for something they did not do. Do white people say sorry when one of theirs goes and shoots up a movie theater of innocent people?? No, so why do the victims of an ongoing campaign of Islamophobia, have to?? Anyway, Libyans have made the point amply, as seen here in 15 pictures of Libyans apologizing to AmericansStill Obomba has all but declared war on Libya. Instead, let us keep our eyes closely on what will happen and most importantly focus on what the effects are, for the people and future of Libya and the region in flames. As in all problems and cases, we know what the US government response, and solution is: deploy their mass military arsenal, thus bringing MORE not less violence and colonization of the Arab world and Africa.

To conclude, I share the words of Mark Levine:

“We can succumb to the hatred and anger and each do our own part to speed the trip to our collective Hell, or we can follow the lead of the heroes of Bourguiba Boulevard, Midan Tahrir, Madrid’s Puerta del Sol, Wall Street and numerous other places where during the last two years, at least for a moment, ordinary people have come together to knock down the system that has oppressed them for as long as they can remember.

Muslims and Christians protesting together today in Tahrir

Whichever choice we collectively make, events like the Benghazi attacks and all they signify remind us that at least we’ve been warned.”


Footnote from Max Blumenthal’s article: “Klein claims credit for inspiring “Sam Bacile” to produce “The Innocence of Muslims,” promising him he would be “the next Theo Van Gogh,” referring to the Dutch columnist who was murdered by a Muslim extremist. Of the attacks in Libya, Klein said, “We went into this knowing this was probably going to happen.”  and is quoted here saying he has “no regrets“. Then it should be a slam dunk legal case against you for all the deaths that have resulted since, and the war crimes that are about to take place! Inshallah, justice will be served.

I’ll continue to post major breaking news and updates here, as the story develops: 

“MSNBC host Rachel Maddow explained that the attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya appeared to be the work of an organized jihadist group rather than the act of an angry mob.”

In a blogpost titled: Far from being the “obscure cranks” that the Wall St. Journal claims, the makers of this film hPave links up to the very tops of the US capitalist class and its representatives, including the editorial writers for the Wall St. Journal itself connects the film’s main representatives and anti-Islamophob, activist Steve Klien straight to well known members of the well financed anti-Islam, ruling elite.**

About 2,000 protesters in tripoli #Lebanon, 1 killed in clashes with security @RulaAmin #AntiIslamMovie

Around 5,000 protesters in the Sudanese capital angry over an anti-Islam film on Friday stormed the embassies of Britain and Germany, which was torched and badly damaged, an AFP reporter said.

US official: Marine team sent to Yemen

Was ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Director Also an Informant?

Watch Democracy Now’s excellent interview with Islamic Scholar Tariq Ramadan on the Growing Mideast Protests and “Islam & the Arab Awakening

Banghazi attack on US consulate ‘pre-planned’ 

Support the National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP) conference

A letter from UCLA Student for Justice in Palestine member: 

Dear friends,

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We need your support to help us sustain our momentum and strengthen our organization.

Please consider donating today; even just a small amount will put us closer to our goal of bringing 400 students to the University of Ann Arbor, Michigan for the second annual Students for Justice in Palestine conference. You can easily donate on our Paypal website: http://sjpnational.org/donate/ or mail a check to:

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Your donation will go a long way in keeping the fire alive in student activism, and a voice for Palestinian rights on college campuses.

In love and solidarity.