Remembering Pac – 15 years after his murder

Today, September 13th, 1996 – 15 years ago, Tupac Amaru Shakur was assassinated. He was one of most important and influential rappers of all time because he was one of the rare artists that bridged his revolutionary lyrics and message, with pop appeal. May he rest in peace.

His legacy as a musician and as a human being have no doubt left a profound footprint around the planet, and his lyrics reflected his struggles in the ghettos and related them to famine in Africa, and war in the Middle East. In fact it was his legacy and ability to inspire and connect with all people, and their struggles for freedom and to end poverty -which is what made him so extraordinary, and so dangerous.

As many who came before him with this revolutionary message, he was assassinated in cold blood. Many of his fans believe Tupac was murdered as part of a government plot or conspiracy. However earlier this year, a convicted Brooklyn prisoner named “Dexter Isaac, currently serving a life sentence for other crimes, confessed to that he is the one who shot West Coast rapper Tupac Shakur in 1994.‚Äč He claims James Rosemond — better known as Jimmy Henchman, another criminal and entertainment mogul who’s been evading authorities — paid him $2,500 to murder Shakur.”

james rosemond jimmy henchman.jpg
Hip-hop exec James Rosemond, otherwise known as Jimmy Henchman

To his fans, there is no question, that those closest to him within the industry had knowledge of the conspiracy, and were therefore complicit in his assassination. His death continues to be a tragic reminder of deep control the state has maintained its control through economic means, and popular culture.

What is the difference whether it was the media moguls who’ve managed to turn hip-hop, the means for and which oppressed people express their struggles, into a commercialized extension of their exploitative, misogynistic system – or the government which has created this system? Both of these systems need and feed off each other.

It is also the same formula which is upheld and used in each case to kill the messenger – whether it be MalcolmX, Martin Luther King Jr., Huey Newton, John F. Kennedy, Bob Marley and all the others who dared speak out and were loved and adored by the masses. Then they sit back and watch as the the overwhelming grief and powerlessness of the people, turns inwards to a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. They then inundate us with images of meaningless violence, sex, exploitation and jingoism and introduce pharmaceutical and street drugs, glorify money and make it impossible for all people to be employed, and enslave them with debt. Then poof, gone is any chance of those resisting the system, and many even defend the very system that oppresses them.

By now it should be crystal clear that there is no hidden conspiracy, this formula is all out in the open. The banks and the bankers, working with the politicians and the corporations, have privatized the future of the world – and of course we are left to fight for the crumbs, like scavengers going after each other for the kill.

Support independent music, media and business!

What if we did not buy their cheesy music or watch their stupid Hollywood movies anymore?

What if we all removed our money from their corporate banking system and held it in small local banks?

They can’t kill and imprison us all, … can they??

Rest in power Tupac, gone but NEVER forgotten.