In response to the Christian Science Monitor – “Israel-to-Clinton-Tell-us-what-Egypt-is-thinking”

Dear Christian Science Monitor:

In what should have been a comical headline (but apparently, was not) titled: “Israel to Clinton: Tell us what Egypt is thinking” Israeli officials are hoping US Secretary of State Clinton, after meeting with new Egyptian leader Mohamed Morsi – can shed some light on how to repair frayed Israel-Egypt ties.

Do you want the truth, the whole, and nothing but the truth? Are you sure you can handle it?? Since apparently, the tomatoes and shoes protesters threw at Clinton’s motorcade on Sunday during her visit to Egypt, were not enough to give your and  investigative journalists a clue, and it may not have been clear that the chants of “Monica, Monica”, were not simply an expression of their appreciation of the acts (lol, ONLY in Egypt!!:/) of former Bill Clinton intern, Monica Lewinsky.

Consequently, I can see how your writers may have been confused, since Hillary did not quite get it either – as evidenced by her response when asked about the assault in Alexandria on Sunday, which Clinton characterized the as an outburst of “nervousness about the changes taking place in Egypt. She added that she was “not offended” by protesters in Egypt who pelted her motorcade with tomatoes, calling the demonstrations a sign of greater freedom and anxiety, and mainly regretting what she saw as wasted food.”

Sometimes what is evident to outside observers, is not always so to those who don’t want to see the reality, and know the truth of.. which is apparent to even to the poorest and hungriest of these protesters, that the food was hardly wasted. This expression of self expression is what many Egyptians gave their lives for. And what was evident, is that Egyptians are growing increasingly aware of and outright rejecting this foreign interference in their affairs (Egypt is the second largest recipient to US aid only after Israel – for one reason only, as an ‘incentive’ to ‘uphold’ the peace treaty with Israel.).

Sometimes photo’s do a much simpler job at describing the sentiment – so perhaps this image from yesterday’s protest of her visit, can give you and Israel (and I understand why no one wants to tell them the truth), a hint of what Egyptians are thinking:

For Egyptians, the US’s historic role and destructive policies, are becoming increasingly evident, and the increased levels of democracy are what frightens the US most. Abdulmawgoud Dardery, an MP who represents Luxor for the Freedom and Justice Party summarized it, in a nutshell: “Unfortunately, the United States’ administration, for the past 60 years, has been supporting dictatorship(s) in the Arab and Muslim world. From what they saw happening in the Arab Spring, I think the people in the Arab world have spoken and the United States’ administration has to listen to the voices of the people and they have no other option but to support democracy in Egypt as well as in the Arab world.”

For future  reference – I hope your journalists and those in the press corp begin to wake up to the fact, and start disclosing the the US’s role…and why it is that Israel and the US are afraid of true democracy in the Arab/Muslim world.

The reality is: it doesn’t matter who the people elect as President, the US prefer the military run things. It largely remains to be seen and we’ll see in the end, who will win over the future direction of the country – the US’s interest or the Egyptian people — yesterday’s events scores one for the Egyptian people! 🙂 Too bad it was probably lost upon your readers.


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