Support Independent Activism

US police and military spending amounts to at least 50% of Federal and local budgets, using desperately needed tax dollars for our communities, to impose endless war abroad and oppressive policing here in the U.S. It’s time Americans understand the devastating effects of US foreign policy and policing domestically, as well as the media’s role in upholding injustice, here and throughout the world – and do all we can to end it.

#FeministSocialistAnarchistGypsieNomadAntiCapitalistZionist Truth and Justice Seeker on the road to tahrir (liberation) for hire.

Support truth > Support justice> Support peace. = Support independent journalism and activism. Thank you very much!

About Me: My name is Noura Khouri. I am Palestinian- based in the Bay Area and have worked as a human rights activist, campaign strategist and community organizer. I was born in Michigan where my parents fled after the 1967 war, and moved to the Bay Area when I was six. I have lived in occupied Palestine and Egypt and am currently a nonprofit consultant with Just World Books and Civility NOW. I can be reached at:


One thought on “Support Independent Activism

  1. Your header image ”All oppression is connected” is a stunning piece of work and it’s message is phenomenally important! Seriously, this is one of the best images I have seen! If it is your work, then, ”kudos to you”!

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