Violence from Aurora to Anaheim Mirrors US Policy

The brutal killing of two men from Anaheim by police – one of which was handcuffed and in police custody – is unfortunately all too common.  Malcolm X Grassroots Community report on police violence, shockingly reveals in the first six months of this year, one Black person every 36 hours was executed by the police in the US. “The wanton disregard for Black life resulted in the killing of 13 year-old children, fathers taking care of their kids, women driving the wrong cars, as well as people with mental health and drug problems.” July 12, 2012

Following when in Anaheim, the community peacefully assembled to mourn the killing and get justice for their murders, the police response we witnessed was beyond belief. Those of us from around the world watched stunned, as Anaheim police viciously unleashed rounds of rubber bullets and beanbags and a police dog on unarmed civilians women and children! 

The next day, instead of apologizing to the community for unleashing this terror upon them, the police – used the opportunity to don all their fancy new weapons, equipment, uniforms and gear on a group of about 1000 protesters:

To your average US citizen or other unsuspecting observer, all of this can be hard to believe, much less imagine and take in. When viewed however, in terms of the ongoing and increasing levels of militarism of society that includes war, occupation, police repression and highly violent levels of entertainment and films-we are increasingly seeing the blurring of on line and off line life. These examples are going to only increase in time, places and frequency – as was seen with the recent highly publicized, Aurora shooting spree-during the release of the super violent and political Batman film.

Yet in contrast, few know about Anaheim, the killing of Manuel Angel Diaz (nor the countless other poor/victims of color) – which coincidentally happened just a few short hours after the tragic Aurora murders. However this killing spree was not committed by a madman, but by those who are sworn by law ‘to protect and serve’ the public. It is also notable, ironic and perhaps even fitting that Anaheim, also referred to as the happiest place on earth because of Disneyland, shows the levels of the depth of the divisions, hypocrisy and dichotomy within US society.

Ultimately, if policy makers have it their way, and in light of recent developments, the increase in police equipment, training, and planning between local law enforcement and federal officials – and  it is so far crystal clear that they are, we are basically guaranteed to see much more of this type of bullying behavior by the police. Coming soon to a city near you, the only question is: who’s next? For more see: Israelification of US Law Enforcement Ensures More Repression at Home and More War Abroad.

“One hand, you have someone who is a great speaker, but kills little children – our president,” he said. “I’m talking about ordering a drone attack. Ordering drone attacks that go and kill mothers, innocent bystanders, children. Militants too, but the collateral damage. You’re responsible for that, too.” Lupe Fiasco

On James Holmes the ‘Aurora shooter’ – “This US American is just conveying to his people the truth and in the language they understand. He delivered his message in full war gear ; but will they listen to him or will they silence him like they have silenced previous ones who offered them a glimpse of what they are like?” , Anonymous

It is essential we attempt to uncover the “root cause of the issue. With regards to the big debate about ‘gun control’ – “I don’t see gun control as the solution; Anders Breivik was able to kill 77 people in Norway, a country where gun regulation is strictly enforced. Most crimes are committed with stolen weapons in any case.

The root cause is that people are alienated from the paths that best suit their needs in terms of employment, the repetitive, divided, and precarious nature of labor under capitalism makes most work soulnumbing, frustrating, and anxiety-inducing, and there are no social safety nets for mental health care. And in an economy when people are losing their jobs and homes by the millions and being bankrupted by medical costs, increasing numbers of people need support, while fewer and fewer are able to obtain that support. Not to mention the predatory ways in which the psychiatric and pharmaceutical industries profit from the increasing pressures under which people are placed; depression and anxiety are rational, appropriate responses to the stress, precarity, and information overload of modern life under capitalism. Without addressing these underlying problems, gun control does not fix the problem.” Copied from post.


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