Israeli occupation forces strangle PA official Ziad Abu Ein to death, during olive tree planting

December 10, 2014 On this human rights day Ziad Abu Ein, Palestinian Authority minister and head of the Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, was murdered at a protest and olive-tree planting in Turmusayya village outside Ramallah after being hit, choked and tear-gassed by Israeli occupation forces today.

As we can clearly see here, vicious Israeli/zionist occupation forces train American police in every major city, with the same brutal tactics as used on Palestinians.

It doesn’t even matter that this man was a Palestinian minister that collaborated with the farce of a peace process and system to the extent in which the PA legitimated them. Still, the moment he stood up, even in the most symbolic way, they were quick to murder him as they do with so many other Palestinians. . with complete impunity.

STATEMENT: Murder of Ziad Abu Ein, Palestinian official and former political prisoner, must mean end to security cooperation.

Eric Garner being choked to death by NYPD

#ShutItDown #PalestinianLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatterĀ  #JusticeForEricGarner