Please write, share and take action against “Hunger Games” Gaza!!

The situation in Gaza is literally sinking, to filthy new depths. A zionist-made humanitarian crisis; created by an illegal but internationally accepted ‘siege’, held in place by an apartheid regime, fully supported and financed by the U.S., made possible by Egypt and the corporate media’s silence/complicity.

Judging by media sources, the unknowing observer might think a typhoon hit the Gaza Strip last week, causing extreme and severe levels of flooding, damage and suffering – and that there’s actually help on the way! You can’t blame them though, after reading such headlines (IF it even makes it into “mainstream” press): from the Washington Post Gaza Strip receives fuel after battered by storm OR CBC: Gaza receives first fuel shipment in weeks as storm causes havoc . In fact, not only would one not know it is a zionist made catastrophe, one might even believe that those responsible for creating it, are actually doing something to ease the suffering…



Carlos Latuff

Carlos Latuff

Gaza government estimated initial material losses at 64 million dollars and according to Maan News:

UNRWA spokesperson said that large regions of the Gaza Strip are a “disaster area” and called on the world community to lift the Israeli blockade in order to allow recovery efforts to proceed, in a statement sent to Ma’an. Areas around Jabalia have become a massive lake with two meter high waters engulfing homes and stranding thousands. Thousands have been displaced into freezing died Gaza has been unable to pump sewage for more than a month, as power plants have shut down for lack of fuel. The fuel shortages – which were causing daily power cuts of 12-16 hours even before the crisis caused by storm Alexa – are mainly a result of the Egyptian authorities’ destruction of most of the smuggling tunnels between Gaza and Egypt.



The “blockade” which began in 2006 – is really collective punishment of 1.7 million people, for the crime of participating in democratic elections, which results are unfavorable to zionists. Since then Gaza has become the world’s largest open air prison, much like a “hunger games” or survival experiment in pushing people to their limits. In some room with a large glass ceiling, I can practically hear military and political elite asking questions like: how far can we turn up the pressure cooker before reaching the boiling point? What are the newest tactics and techniques we can use to do so, what weapons should we test, and how much humiliation can we enact before the whole world wakes up. Because, at the end of the day this ‘conflict’ is ultimately a war of public opinion.

Upon learning about the insidious hidden nature of zionism, well intentioned observers often say things like: “I don’t understand how, after what Jews have suffered as a people, they can be so cruel and unfeeling.”

Ultimately those that care to dig further, begin to see the stark comparison between zionism and nazism. Today the US, and Europe unconditionally support zionism, just like they did with other morally and politically bankrupt systems – that practice white supremacy before it. The US supported apartheid in South Africa, until the very end – which is why it’s nauseating to hear all the official tributes to Mandela, after the same criminals labeled him a terrorist until 2008. The US and Europe also supported Nazism in Germany until the bitter end–before they were shamed, or forced to stand against it.

Recently musician Roger Waters, formerly of Pink Floyd earned the ire of zionists because he dared to state what is obvious to those ‘in the know’: “Israeli treatment of the Palestinians can be compared to the atrocities of Nazi Germany. “The parallels with what went on in the 1930s in Germany are so crushingly obvious.”

For anyone intimately aware of the current situation on the ground in Palestine, the similarities are crushingly obvious: they are both exclusive European political ideologies, premised on the notion of a superior race, with the goal of eliminating the rest. They both come from settler colonial mentalities, both seek to control the resources and land over the indigenous people and they will both go to any lengths necessary, to fulfill what they see as their divine destiny.

Some of the differences of Zionism is that Nazism headed by Hitler lasted from 1921-1945, and zionism has been the political system in Palestine for more than 65 years. Ironically, the current system of apartheid officially began (it was another type of colonialism form before that), for Afrikans under apartheid in 1948 (same time the zionist state was created), and ended in 1994. Of course all of those racist systems and regimes had intricate ties to each other, were selling and/or receiving weapons and learning from one other.

In order to reverse the situation from going from catastrophic to worse in Gaza, we must address the root cause of the problem. Unless we look at the political and economic systems that ultimately drive the agenda, at the end of the day no amount of “peace talks”, negotiations or humanitarian aid, will change a thing.

Today the growing global movement for justice has removed all hope from political leaders, and taken matters into our own hands. BDS undermines this inherently corrupt and racist system at its most vulnerable areas, economically, culturally and politically.

Information is severely lacking, but I will try to post updates of the deteriorating crisis here.


Sign this petition: Calling on the United Nations to investigate and hold Israel to account for the war crimes & crimes against humanity they commit on a daily basis

Call, email, fax:
1 The U.S. State Department. Insist it tell Israel and Egypt to Open the Crossings to the Gaza Strip. Call 202-647-4000; select option 4 and ask the operator for the comment line. (You get one minute to record your message.)

2. The White House at Alternatively, write to: President Barack Obama, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500 Call: 202-456-1414 Fax: 202-456-2461

3. The Office of Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations at

4. Contact the Near and Middle East Desk at The International Committee of the Red Cross Ms. Dibeh FAKHR Tel: +41 22 730 37 23 Mobile: +41 79 447 37 26 or fill out the form at

4. Contact the Near and Middle East Desk at The International Committee of the Red Cross Ms. Dibeh FAKHR Tel: +41 22 730 37 23 Mobile: +41 79 447 37 26 or fill out the form at

Palestinian Refugees Right to Return, Al-Awda wants to HELP PALESTINIANS IN GAZA URGENTLY

Please Help Us Celebrate, Not Appropriate-Palestinian film ’5 Broken Cameras’ Oscar Nomination!

In a historic victory, the excellent and riveting newly released documentary ‘5 Broken Cameras which documents the non-violent struggle against the loss of Palestinian land by the construction of the nearby settlement and the apartheid wall-was nominated for an Oscar this year. The film about the Palestinian people, was made by a Palestinian film maker, and takes place in the Palestinian village of Bil’in. Whether due to malicious intent, even maybe due to sheer confusion, or perhaps because it was co-directed by an Israeli – the media however has taken the liberty to sabotage it, as an “Israeli film” – thus putting a major damper on celebrations.


As Palestinians, this fact alone is a severe blow to our national pride and is annoying, but that’s not the worst part! To make matters worse and what really makes it a disaster, is what kind of message does it send to the unknowing reader?? An article, in the liberal leaning Huffington Post clearly demonstrates the conundrum and bitter sweet victory, that this Oscar nomination brings. To your average reader, the article states the obvious point, in saying: ”Israel’s overall image in the world has taken a beating because of the decades-long conflict with the Palestinians.”

FINALLY! After over six decades of brutalized struggle, trying desperately, mainly in vain – to hold on to their land, this “beating” to the Israeli image (which is really the truth finally beginning to emerge, as is clearly exemplified in this film) that Palestinians and activists from all over the world-have been struggling tirelessly – at great personal cost, to convey to the world has finally begun to penetrate the main stream.

What comes in the very next sentence of the article, however, makes the exact point that threatens to effectively undermine all the hard work and upholds the false illusion of ‘democracy’ that the apartheid state works so hard to create. The article actually goes on to state: ”but even critics say its film industry shows that Israel remains a vibrant democracy.”!!!

Come again!

The bottom line is that creating one set of laws for one group of people, i.e. “Jews” and another one for “non-Jews”, makes it inherently impossible and therefore intellectually dishonest, to call it a democracy (click here to read more about, Israel’s illusionary democracy/system). In fact, the term ‘apartheid’ comes from apart or separate – as in laws, i.e. as was in the case of apartheid South Africa, which is why so many have come to use the term to describe Israel’s system.

Since zionists can’t silence it, they will do what they do best and appropriate it, then lie about its origins. Incidentally, that’s why there are strict guidelines against “normalization“. When this films gets recognized for its amazing work -at great personal risk to the film makers, the struggle of people of the village of Bil’in and all of Palestine – it is no doubt a victory. But the question is, who ultimately gains the most… on the back of Palestinians…yet Again…?!


Cause to Celebrate or Will Zionists Appropriate?

WE MUST BE VIGILANT!! SUGGESTIONS TO PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD about this legendary Palestinian film of nonviolent resistance that so many have sacrificed, with their bodies and their lives for. 


2) POST COMMENTS ON ANY MEDIA REPORTING ON THE FILM, AS PALESTINIAN! Let this film be for the purpose it was meant – to educate, and to raise our voice and just struggle to the world, and bring us one step closer to ending the cultural, and all appropriation of the Palestinian people and cause for freedom and justice, ONCE AND FOR ALL!



1) Huffington Post – ‘The Gatekeepers,’ ’5 Broken Cameras’: Israeli Documentaries Shortlisted For Oscar” – By Daniel Estrin 01/03/13

Israeli Illusionary Democracy: Beyond Apartheid

By Noura Khouri – Article from 2007

The saying that occupation exists best in the dark explains one reason for the controversy surrounding the use of the term Apartheid to describe the Israeli system. It also explains why what is a clear and simple fact to those intimately acquainted with the reality on the ground has caused so much confusion or strife among those who are not.

Generally speaking, there are three sides to the debate about the use of the term to describe Israel’s political system and its comparison with South African Apartheid. Staunch Zionist defenders are completely against the use of the term, charging it as ‘anti-Semitic’, with no thoughtful discussion of the issues. By dismissing the criticism as a personal attack, they fail to account for the basic facts and reality on the ground and reveal their limitations in understanding or wanting to know the severe injustices, committed in their name. Then there are activists, academic and legal experts who support the use of the term.

As a matter of convenience, they borrow the term from the oppressive South African regime, which most people know to be reprehensible, in order to strengthen the Palestinian case. They argue that although the term may not be entirely representative of the situation – the underlying racism and discrimination are the same. They would add that, due to the advances made in South Africa in ending oppression, it is useful to leverage the parallels and draw on the successes of the anti-Apartheid movement, as a means for building the boycott-Israel campaign. Finally, even amongst Palestinians and solidarity activists, there are internal disagreements about the use of the term. Critics say, that because the term “Apartheid” is borrowed from South Africa, it fails to portray the complexity of the Israeli system and in fact, causes more confusion rather than understanding.

Most well intentioned people however, would agree that the only way to end the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict is to first engage in honest analysis of the situation. Still, generalities are made, distinctions are muddled and people with the best of intentions are often left alone to interpret meanings, or worse, completely confused by the insidious details of the system at work.

Jimmy Carter’s well intended book titled, Palestine Peace Not Apartheid, is an example which in fact feeds into these misconceptions. He asserts that Apartheid is found in the West Bank and Gaza Strip but ignores the regime existing inside Israel, thereby implying that the situation there is fine. Yet, inside Israel the comparison with Apartheid is more accurate; the case can be made from the basic laws alone, and the result is cultural genocide(1) of the Palestinian identity within Israel.

The system of domination and militarized control of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip is actually, more accurately described as one on the path of ethnocide.(2) Although the means of the Zionist settler project may vary within Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory (OPT), the goals are the same and should be analyzed as such: its demographic objectives and colonization of all of historic Palestine (“Eretz” Israel) translate into the dispossession and transfer of Palestinians.

Still, Zionist leaders know that to the outside world they must walk the fine line and uphold the appearance of a democracy while maintaining the Jewish state. As both Israel and the Palestinian people are extremely dependent – economically, politically and in the realm of public relations – the conflict ultimately becomes a war of public opinion. Perhaps this is why Israel’s main success lies in its public relations campaign. Indeed, over the years, Zionist leaders have engaged in the world’s most brilliant and cunning PR campaign. Adding to the complexity, confusion and profound misunderstanding of the state of Israel is perhaps the fact that Israel is one of the most multi-cultural places on earth. In South Africa racist practice was identified much more easily; it manifested itself in separate laws for “Whites”, and “non-Whites” based on the color of one’s skin. In Israel, you are either a Jew, whether religious or not (which makes it a matter of race), or a non-Jew.

For Israel, as was for the Apartheid South Africa, the goals are/were colonial and imperialistic in nature. However, in former South Africa, the system of control and separation was designed to expropriate the valuable natural resources for the ruling minority through oppression of the natives, who did not enjoy the right to vote. Whites there were the extreme minority; they therefore realized the impossibility of upholding even a fallacy of a democracy, and laws were made and upheld by and for the ruling class. The Palestinian populations of the OPT and Israel will soon surpass the number of Jews. Hence, the question of how to achieve and maintain the demographic majority of Jews in Palestine has become the single most important obsession of Israel’s leaders. The fact that Palestinians in Israel are allowed to vote adds to the confusion and the illusion of democracy. Moreover, the basic laws in Israel, and countless military orders in the OPT, which exclude Palestinians are so deeply embedded in the fabric of Israeli Apartheid, that they are seldom questioned in a systematic manner.

As a result, the point which begs understanding – although obvious to Palestinians, anti-Zionist Jews and other scholars – is that Israel as a state ‘for Jews’ leads directly to the oppression and subjugation of Palestinians. Herein lies the inherent racism against Palestinians on both sides of the ‘Green Line’: either we come to terms with Jewish superiority and Israel’s “right to exist” as it is as “Greater Israel,” or we cannot ‘coexist’ at all. The implication is that it is naïve, unrealistic, perhaps ideal but definitely impossible, to live as equals on this land, if Israel continues to be allowed to define itself exclusively as a Jewish state. This message advanced clearly by representatives of Palestinians in Israel in their “Future Vision of Palestinian Arabs in Israel:”

Defining the Israeli State as a Jewish State and exploiting democracy in the service of its Jewishness excludes us, and creates tension between us and the nature and essence of the State. Therefore, we call for a Consensual Democratic system that enables us to be fully active in the decision –making process and guarantee our individual and collective civil, historic, and national rights.(3)

Israeli ‘Democracy’: The Formula for Dispossession

Since the inception of the state, the basis of Zionist ideology and Apartheid has been manifest in Israel’s Law of Return of 1950, which states that any Jew in the world, spanning three generations, is allowed to ‘return’ to the ‘promised land’ of over 2000 years ago. This stands in stark contrast to the laws for Palestinians who are forbidden to return to their own homes of just 60 years ago. This law alone, makes it impossible to construct, much less uphold, a democratic system. Such discrimination contradicts every democratic principle and the otherwise universally recognized right of 6 million 1948 Palestinian refugees, who are entitled to Israeli nationality based on the right of return and the law of state succession.

Since 1950, the Absentee Property Law has ensured that the new immigrant settlers find a comfortable home in the properties belonging to those who fled or were forced to leave because of Zionist terrorism during the 1948 War. The same law was later applied to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip after the 1967 war. Property rights were transferred to the Custodian of Absentee Property without compensation and effective appeal. In the OPT the seized land has been used predominately for military bases, Jewish-only bypass roads, and settlements. So-called “state land” also allows for the Apartheid “roads and tunnels plan”. Israel is currently in the process of completing 24 tunnels for Palestinians to drive through and connect with their Palestinian prison-islands, and paving the 56 settler-only Apartheid roads for Jews only to travel on!(4)

In order to prevent additional Palestinians from becoming Israeli citizens, against international law, on 14 May 2006, the Supreme Court of Israel, issued a decision to uphold the racist Nationality and Entry into Israel Law of 2003, which violates the right of Israeli citizens to family reunification with their Palestinian spouses from the OPT.

These laws combined with countless supplemental policies result in the cleansing of Palestinians and the population of the land with Zionist settlers. The suffering of Palestinian residents of Jerusalem has reached tragic proportions; while illegally annexed to Israel, they are considered “permanent residents” whose residency permits can be taken away if they go abroad for more than 7 years. Jews may have dual citizenship, but a non-Jewish Jerusalemite loses residency if acquiring additional citizenship. Palestinian communities in East Jerusalem are enduring the same systematic process as those in the rest of the West Bank as the Wall leads to house demolitions, property confiscation, forced displacement, isolation and denial of access to social services. Such practices found in Jerusalem, can also be seen from the Galilee to the Naqab and the Jordan Valley. It all adds up into one bigger picture, and the larger context, its analysis and the recipe become clear to see.

It is time to define our own terms and claim our rights, in practice and as enshrined in human rights conventions and international law. In addition to the concept of Apartheid, it is critical we challenge the acquiescence to cultural genocide and ethnocide, in part and in full.

Noura Khouri is a Palestinian American activist who has written on the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories. This is a shortened and edited version of a longer article which can be found in full at:


(1) Article 7 of the “United Nations draft declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples” defines Cultural genocide as (a) Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic identities; (b) Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of their lands, territories or resources; (c) Any form of population transfer which has the aim or effect of violating or undermining any of their rights; (d) Any form of assimilation or integration by other cultures or ways of life imposed on them by legislative, administrative or otherwise.

(2) Raphael Lemkin, the linguist and lawyer coined the term genocide as “the union of the Greek word genos (race, tribe) and the Latin cide (killing), used ethnocide as an alternative form representing the same concept, using the Greek ethnos (nation) in place of genos.” The broader definition of ethnocide may be useful in addressing perceived shortcomings and restrictions of genocide law and in identifying cultural destruction when it occurs by less violent and less visible means (All Experts Online Encyclopedia:

(3) The National Committee for the Heads of the Arab Local Authorities in Israel, of the Palestinian Arabs in Israel presented titled, A Manifesto for the “Future Vision of Palestinian Arabs in Israel”.

(4) Negotiations Support Unit Website –

The Global March to Jerusalem calls for a global movement to save Jerusalem


The Global March to Jerusalem joins the voices of concern in Jerusalem, Palestine and, indeed, the world over, about the latest as well as consequent threats to the al-Aqsa Masjid and the Dome of the Rock, as well as the Haram Sharif in Jerusalem and the policy of “Judaisation” that the Zionist leadership is pursuing with the explicit intent of removing Muslim, Christian, Arab and all other traces of non-Jewish history, culture, religion, archaeology and demography from the city of Jerusalem and all other areas under Zionist control.

Over the course of the last months in particular, the Zionists, with their backing of the regime and its Military Occupation Forces, have made many forays onto the Haram Sharif. On 9th of August, we fear a possible showdown with disastrous consequences, where the fanatical Zionists will invade the Haram Sharif and even attempt to destroy the two Masjids. Thus acting now is really a matter of grave urgency for the world.

The latest incidents include a statement by the Zionist government’s Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein on 17th of July 2012 that the al-Aqsa Masjid is on Israeli territory and subject to Israeli sovereignty! The statement included no recognition of the special status of waqf (Islamic charitable trust) lands, or of the religious authorities governing such lands.

According to Islamic Movement deputy head Shaikh Kamal al-Khatib, the Zionist-controlled Municipality of Jerusalem also recently declared the open spaces of the al-Aqsa compound to be public areas, which means they have the same status as any park areas in the city and are therefore accessible to all with or without the control of al-Aqsa authorities. This has enabled Knesset members and other Zionist advocates of demolishing the Muslim holy sites to force their way onto the compound during Ramadan with the protection of armed Zionist forces, and display Israeli flags as part of rituals intended to further their project to destroy the historic Muslim sites and replace them with a Jewish temple complex (see illustration).

While enabling the presence of Zionist extremists bent upon destruction, the armed forces also removed around twenty nighttime worshipers on 25th July, the 6th day of Ramadan, including al-Aqsa Imam Shaikh Yusuf Abu Sneina, who was detained for an unspecified period of time. Until now no explanation for this action has been given. A similar incident took place again on 29th July (10 Ramadan), according to al-Aqsa authorities, with two persons being seized.

The Zionist authorities are now preventing Palestinian men between the ages of 12 to 40 from making the Ramadan pilgrimage to al-Aqsa Masjid. They have have also resumed their demolition of the historic Al-Magharibah Bridge, work which many fear will undermine the Masjid’s foundation. And finally, Knesset Member Aryeh Eldad has ruthlessly called for al-Aqsa Masjid to be “cut up” and moved to make way for the so-called Third Temple, which he threatens will be built soon.

All of the these actions are not only shameful and discriminatory against non-Jews but also violations of international law, as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 18).

These latest actions are part of the coordinated policy called “Judaisation” by the Zionist authorities. It includes the burning and defacing of Christian churches, the expulsion of Christian and Muslim Palestinians from the city of Jerusalem and from their homes throughout Palestine, the demolition of Palestinian homes, the confiscation of property, the denial of building permits, and many other forms of deliberate ethnic cleansing. This policy of Judaisation is in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention (1949) on the rights of peoples living under occupation as well as dozens of resolutions of the United Nations censuring the Zionist state.

Israeli Occupation authorities have now initiated steps toward the transfer of Palestinian neighbourhoods, located east of the Apartheid Wall to the responsibility of the Israeli Occupying Forces. In addition, historic Palestinian archaeological treasures dating back up to two thousand years have been demolished and covered with new structures for the purpose of effacing most of the history of Palestine, which is predominantly Muslim and Christian Arab in culture and religion. The latest examples of this malicious policy are the ongoing construction of a Jewish “Museum of Tolerance” on the religious and historic Ma’manillah cemetery, which dates back to the 7th century and where the companions of the Prophet Mohammad and thousands of the righteous, officials, scholars, notables and Jerusalemite families have been buried, as well as the destruction of palaces from the Umayyad period near al-Aqsa in the Old City.

In this destruction of Christian heritage, the extremists Christian Zionists are as culpable in this crime as are the Jewish Zionists. We affirm that Christian Zionism is a blot on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the compassionate message of the Bible. The sacred Christian sites like the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Church of the Nativity themselves are under similar threat as well.

In the absence of the world’s governments to take swift and decisive action we call upon all the peoples of the world to join the effort to prevent the “Judaisation” of Jerusalem and the destruction of the al-Aqsa Masjid. The Global March to Jerusalem strongly condemns this Zionist project in Palestine, the explicit purpose of which is to erase the overwhelmingly Arab indigenous culture, history and language. We believe that a global movement in support of Palestinian rights and objectives is needed in order to stop this form of ethnic and cultural genocide and to restore the human rights of the people of Palestine, and especially the inalienable right of all Palestinians to return to their homes.

GMJ-International Executive Committee
August 8th 2012


For more information please call the spokesman of the GMJ “Mr. Zaher Birawi” on mobile No.             00447850896057       or visit our website: