The whole system is guilty for Deah, Yusor and Razan’s murder

My heart breaks a little every time I look at these three shining, beautiful faces.

The lives of these three young people, who were pillars of their communities, were taken far too soon due to a culture that tolerates and one could argue even embraces/encourages – straight hate, targeted violence and white supremacy against arabs, muslims and Black lives/people of color.

hick Cold blooded killer Chris Hicks is not solely guilty in this heinous act, which has exposed the structures which allowed it to happen (is it a coincidence this happened so soon after the racist, top selling, violent movie American Sniper that glorified, and made it fashionable to kill Arabs/Muslims?).

While the media continues with their disgraceful coverage, without an ounce of fact finding, truth checking or outrage at this blatant double standard there is when Arabs or Muslim lives are so viscously taken–one can’t help but notice a pattern of in that respect, to the coverage of police killings of Mike Brown and Eric Garner.

As if/in case (& does anyone) actually believe this vicious cold blooded, pre-meditated murder was over a parking dispute–see the following article, which proves beyond a reasonable doubt this harassment was ongoing and a hate crime: Deah and Yusor didn’t even have a car. “On the day of the murders, Deah had just returned by bus. The only one with a car was the younger sister Razan, who had already parked earlier in the day. The point being: There was no ‘parking dispute’ in close proximity to the actual murders.” Not to even mention his ongoing harassment of the couple, and his countless anti-Islam/religion rants which have been widely documented.

Of all the sick and twisted coverage, Inside Edition takes the cake and epitomizes how demented this media culture has become. With a straight face, clearly without a trace of a conscious – they did a segment about the violent incident – followed up with a ‘how to’ guide on finding parking!

Most apparently, what should be on clear display for anyone paying the least bit of attention to the glaring hypocrisy of the injustice system + police/investigators. Almost as destructive as the crime itself, is the lack of outrage displayed by the news/media coverage (and lack thereof, real journalism). A sure sign of the times we are living in…


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