National Day of Action against Fusion Centers

Bay Area and LA event information below about three California protests on Thursday April 10, the National Day of Action Against Fusion Centers! -Art Persyko

National Day of Action against Fusion Centers


April 10th is the National Day of Action against Fusion Centers. Protests, rallies, and teach-ins will take place in cities all over the country to draw attention to the spy centers in our midst. Fusion Centers facilitate the gathering, storing, and sharing of intelligence data that bares our lives and violate our basic human rights to privacy and civil liberties. There are an estimated 85 fusion centers all over the United States.

There will be two Bay Area events:

Press Conference at NCRIC Fusion Center in San Francisco

11:00am – Thursday, April 10
Northern California Regional Intelligence Center
450 Golden Gate Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94102

Oakland Press Conference / Rally at City Hall

6:00pm – Thursday, April 10
Oakland City Hall
14th & Broadway
Oakland, CA
And please see below for additional information about tomorrow’s protest in LA (with suggestions for actions that anyone who lives in California can take) from a forwarded message from the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition:

National Day of Action Against Fusion Centers –

Boston- Charlotte- – Dallas- Los Angeles- Oakland*- San Francisco*- Washington D.C.
Today April 10th, community members across the nation will be gathering to protest and expose Mega-Spy Centers that are infiltrating our communities. These Mega Spy Centers a.k.a Fusion Centers collect and store information supplied by various law enforcement agencies and share this information to local, state and federal agency including private contractors. There are approximately 85 fusion centers in the U.S. -the Norwalk, CA Fusion Center is one of the largest in the country -known as Joint Regional Intelligence Center (JRIC). On March 11, 2014 the New York Times revealed that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) approved the sharing of raw NSA data with the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), the agency oversees that programs like fusion centers. NSA spying has come home to roost; through fusion centers, local police may have access, without a warrant, to all the data the NSA has on you.

We will be live streaming, check it out here:



CALL, FACEBOOK, EMAIL, TWEET now to demand all Fusion Centers be de-funded, shutdown, and all secret files released!

Governor Jerry Brown at (916) 445-2841
CA Controller John Chiang at (916) 445-2636
CA Assembly Public Safety Chair Tom Ammiano at (916) 319-2017
CA Senate Public Safety Chair Loni Hancock at (916) 651-4009


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