Aid Projects – #Gaza

The following is for those who have asked to give directly to families, rather than donating through aid organizations and/or NGO’s:

Thank you so much for your offer of support and solidarity to the people of Gaza. I’ve talked to some trusted allies and this is what we need to know, in order to best facilitate the process.

Estimates from $300 million in total damages, to $700 million in indirect losses, from this massacre. So there is no shortage of people, projects or potential projects to give to. But, in order to make sure the funds are going to the best sources, please answer the following questions:

1) What are you most interested in giving to? From what I’ve gathered, for the meantime it seems most of the injured are getting treated. But what is more urgent, are those that need their homes built. From this bombing campaign – Around 200 buildings were completely destroyed and 8,000 other damaged during the conflict and 92 homes were completely destroyed.  There area also still many injured and homes destroyed from the last, 2008/09 massacre. Or???

2) Also, how much in funding are we talking about? The amount available will give us a better idea of how the funds can be best spent…and or are we talking about an individual case basis, or several/large projects??

The more detailed information you can provide, the better I can help facilitate it to make sure it’s best spent and goes to the right people.

Thank you for your support!


If you would like to give to a trusted NGO, Middle East Children’s Alliance is collecting funds for Emergency Aid for Gaza: 

Help MECA provide whatever is needed most—food, medicine, blankets, warm clothing—to children and families in Gaza.

MECA is a tax-exempt 501(c) 3 organization. Your gift is tax-deductible. 

An important note: I typically do not believe in giving charity with regards to Palestine work, as the Palestinian issue, is not a humanitarian cause. If one is to do humanitarian work, it must be done in parallel with working for long term/justice based solutions! #BDS #Ror etc. 


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