What is Zionism?

Definition of zionism.Zionism is a political ideology (not religious) that was created by European Jews in the late 1900’s, which simply refers to ‘the right of the Jewish people to a state’. The majority of the people on the land of historic Palestine, which was occupied by zionists in 1948, are indigenous Palestinians (who also happen to be semetic people), yet preferential laws and rights for Jews only, create an inherent contradiction and the impossibility and of reconciling zionism with democracy. In fact, this ideology and its practices, are much more closely aligned with the political ideologies of nazism, and white supremacy – and with the practices of colonialism-and this is the final, old remnant of European colonialism, and  it must come to an end, if there is ever to be peace in the holy land.

In fact, that is why those who know intimately well, the insidious policies, and nature of the state of “Israel”, have outright rejected the right of the state to exist. In fact, doing legitimizes the entity, that was created based on a mountain of lies, mass theft, murder and domination and built on the backs of and the desecration of the Palestinian people, society and culture.

Also, you don’t have to be a Jew or an Israeli to be a zionist. In fact the largest population of zionists are Christians, which in many cases provide funds to terror settlers and support backwards, senseless violence that leads us down the road towards Armageddon. Furthermore, to simply refer to the zionist state of “Israel” is completely misleading, because none of their ethnic cleansing practices would be made possible another day without the full diplomatic backing, and military/funding and support of the US government – so I hardly make any distinction between the two governments.

This definition includes those who are for a two state solution, as those of us struggling for justice have come to believe that the only just solution is: one state for all people, equal rights and democracy for all.


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