URGENT APPEAL: Please Donate to Provide Medical Supplies to Gaza


How long will the world sit by and witness this massacre? How many more Palestinian babies must be sacrificed in Gaza before we put the genocide to an end??


SINCE, human rights groups, useless governments, the UN, and other international orgs have failed their obligation to protect the besieged civilians of Gaza and stop the Israeli aggression- the Palestinian people are calling on people of conscious to come, provide witness and stand beside them during this viscous attack on Gaza, and all of humanity.

With no institutional funding, or support from political parties, I will go with a delegation of Egyptian students, & people of conscience to witness the onslaught, give medical and humanitarian supplies – and speak out about the Israeli war crimes to the Rafah borders, inshallah tomorrow at dawn. We need your support to raise our voice among the international community. Please do and give what ever you can to help reverse a fraction of the pain, suffering and damage caused and upheld by these blood thirsty governments, and we promise to ensure that the supplies go directly where they are most needed, to purchase desperately needed medicine and pain killers..as the majority of these supplies are running out quickly.
To give, just go to www.paypal.com and enter my email address: nmkhouri@yahoo.com.


For 8 straight days: the rising death toll of the Israeli bombing campaign has indiscriminately massacred 150 Palestinians, the vast majority of which are civilians – 100% of which are terrorized, around the clock – with no end in sight. With their massive military might – all made possible with US weapons, tax dollars and unlimited support, Israel has almost completely decimated Palestinian infrastructure and key institutions, and has even proudly announced its targeting of journalists, while over one thousand two hundred Israeli bombs have been dropped of the entirely defenseless 1.6 million residents–in a tiny stripof land, that is ONLY 25 MILES LONG!!!

But of course, this is nothing new…

For the past 5 years the entire population of Gaza have been taken hostage – caged in, and effectively locked out by an illegal international blockade upheld by the US and Israel.

For the past decade, the illegal occupation of Gaza and Palestine has taken increasingly brutal forms of violence against an unrepresented, subjugated people. Without rights or representation, Israel has with complete impunity insidiously, systematically and effectively attacked, stolen

Of course, this is all part and parcel of the zioinst plan, which was formed at the end of the 18th century, made official in 1918 by the Balfour declaration, when the British gave away what was never theirs, to a people for which none of this belonged…and of course in doing so, stole it all from their rightful owners–displacing nearly 800.000 Palestinians in the process, while erasing off the map – nearly 500 villages.The more you learn about this “conflict” the more you realize there’s no mistaking the very purposeful, ongoing and SYSTEMATIC destruction of the entire history, culture, society and way of life for the Palestinian people. That’s what we mean by ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Thank you for your support! Long live Gaza, and the Palestinian people♥

#Americans, MUST WATCH, and see where your #US taxes go – http://youtube.com/watch?v=hHYOkCmEjFA … … what you don’t see in media #Gaza#GazaUnderAttack


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