BDS takes off in Egypt this week!

In sign of increased activity and interest in BDS in Egypt, students and activists have been meeting regularly to strategize and decide how to best work with the global movement, in the Egyptian context. 

Most recently on October 7, the activist collective, Mosireen announced a “Statement to Creative Time Summit: No Time for Creativity with Apartheid Israel. It has recently come to our attention that the Creative Time Summit has listed the Israeli Center for Digital Art (ICDA) as an “in-depth partner” for this year’s summit. After discovering this, we cannot in good faith participate in the 2012 Creative Time Summit in adherence to the call for Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) launched by Palestinian civil society in 2004, and our own conscience as a political collective based on principles of social justice, equality, anti-racism and anti-Zionism.” To read statement in full, see:

Additionally, the two following actions were also held in Alexandria.  

BDS Action #1 – article translated, original text by RNN

Protest in front of Marks and Spencer for its complicity in Israeli apartheid! 

Friday, October 5 – # Monitor | # Alexandria | Dozens in front of Alexandria City Centre to call for a boycott of retail chain “Marks & Spencer” by Mohamed Essam. Dozens of young Egyptians showed up to boycott the retail chain “Marks & Spencer”, the owner in his diary that he devoted his life to support the Jews and the State of Israel.

This came in front of the building trade City Centre Alexandria and appealed “Marks & Spencer” series boutique even close, confirming the support of the owner of the chain, which is one of the largest chains shops in the world to support the Government of the State of Israel, worth about $ 233 million annually, Participants stressed during and Agafthm on their quest to close the series, which has moved in the Arab countries to use their money in the killing of the Palestinian people.

BDS Action #2 – Against normalization

On Friday, October 5th, amazing Egyptian activists rejected this event, after uncovering the true nature of this normalization effort – disguised as a music festival!

The festival which expected over 5,000 attendees, was held at the prestigious Citidel and put on by the Anna Lindh Foundation, who display on their website a very clear normalization agenda: 

The Foundation provides logistical and operational support to the National Network in Israel through the Network Strategic Development Scheme (NSDS)The largest Network of civil society organisations involved in the promotion of intercultural dialogue across Europe and the Mediterranean. From its very beginning, the ALF was conceived as a Network of National Networks, established in each of the 43 countries of the of the Union for the Mediterranean and bringing together around 4000 civil society organisations who share the values of the Foundation. The members of the ALF Network of Networks are of very diverse nature, including NGOs, public institutions, foundations, local and regional authorities, individuals and private organisations. 

Solidarity to all the activists who reject this attempt at normalizing relations with zionists, and in solidarity with their Palestinian brothers and sisters! ♥

translated article:

And confirmed coordinators festival parallel to its founder, “Anna Lindh” organization of the festival was established with the participation of governments of many countries including Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Palestine and the countries of European and other, and that most of what organized by the Foundation of the figures is the post Israeli intuitions beside Egyptians under the framework of cultural diversity as it calls for ending differences between peoples motivated peace and against racism, which means, accept cultural normalization with the Zionist enemy and to forget that the biggest racist entity in the region.

They also emphasized that its founder, “Anna Linda” runs effectiveness Israel Institute called “Van Leer” Jerusalem, was founded in 1959 in order to establish the state of Israel as a state for the Jewish people and trying to spread the idea of ​​cultural dialogue between Zionists and Palestinians, to dissolve differences and weaken the resistance.

And noted that the program of the festival parallel includes Songs revolutionary Sheikh “Imam and Marcel Khalife and Julia Boutros, and paragraphs of artists Egyptians like” Ahmed Ismail “Awad” and the poet “Ghanem Egyptian” and “Mahmoud Fawy” singer and the band “Balcony Band” and the poet ” Khaled Jaber “and” Saad Mohammed rapper “and paragraphs team text problem and team theatrical moment.

The that Farah sea Festival, is the festival celebrates multiculturalism and promote a culture of dialogue among peoples in Alexandria for the fourth time, is organized in the period from 3-5 October 2012.

The festival will be held, organized by the Foundation “Anna Lindh” with the support of the embassies and cultural centers and local organizations working in Egypt.

original article:


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