Farewell for now, my beloved Gaza

Today was the last day of my week in Gaza. During the time I spent there, I met a beautiful young boy from Khan Yunis named Raed. He lost his insides when he stepped outside his house during the hudna, or cease-fire on January 9th, 2009 – that Israel broke, and is now living with a plastic stomach. He also suffered injuries and is serious need of reconstructive surgery on his face and arm as well as mental health services, due to the trauma he is enduring until this day. There are hundreds like Raed, who have been injured and to this day, no one supports, or is providing care or treatment for. I also met with some of the families of martyrs of Cast Massacre, that are also left without any support or follow up to their trauma. Soon we will begin fundraising for each of their cases. Please let me know if you know of any donors, or foundations that might be able to give to the people of Gaza!

For now, farewell my beloved Gaza. The land of 1 million 600 thousand contradictions. So beautiful, kind & generous yet so tragically misunderstood. So strong yet vulnerable, so safe yet death lurks around each corner.. so used, abused, destroyed and discarded. Yet still you rise. Still you remain. May those outside someday get a chance to know and appreciate 1% of your infinite resilience, wisdom, creativity, hope, pride, patience, forgiveness, strength and most of all – humanity, and all you have sacrificed & endured, to make the world a better place.

Today is the big day for Egyptian elections, let’s hope that it soon becomes clear that the new President will refuse US tax dollars so that they can begin looking at the real interests of their people, rather than the Zionist interests the funding, arms and support go to uphold.



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