Growing global support and final preparations underway for #GMJ

Less than five days before Palestinian refugees and internationals set off from Lebanon and Jordan to exercise their internationally recognized human right to return home. For 65 years Palestinians have been waiting for the int’l community to pressure Israel to allow them their most basic human and international rights. For 65 years, Palestinians calls have fallen on deaf ears and they have now decided to take matters into their own hands, by peacefully making their way home.

Preparations are under way in Lebanon and Jordan, and protests are being planned at Israeli embassy’s all over the world. Here in Egypt, amazing revolutionaries forced the Israeli embassy to evacuate and it’s not clear if and where there will be a new one…so we will meet in Tahrir.

For the past several days I’ve met with representatives with student groups from AUC, GUC & Cairo University, the Egyptian Socialist Party, Revolutionary Socialists and the representative for all the Palestinian students in all of Egypt, the Palestinian Womens Union and more — many would like to march to Gaza.

Yulla, stay tuned 5 days left to make history..

Egypt Facebook event page:

Global March to Jerusalem-Egypt المسيره العالميه

Solidarity video made by ‘Activists from around the world for Palestine”.


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