Palestinians urge international community to join Global March to Jerusalem

Please read the following call put out by Palestinians to join the Global March to Jerusalem, which is planned to take place March 30th. Sad to say that so far the US has showed pathetic support for what could be a historic opportunity to thrust the issue onto the world stage. This is similar in scope to the historic flotillas, and can be even more powerful since it will actively engage Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan an opportunity to march home for the first time, in solidarity with internationals.

I would like to urge you all to please please please do everything you can to support this effort by sharing it widely, donating and/or asking your organization and community groups etc. to endorse the campaign. We also plan to present this to get support from OccupyOakland, so if anyone is willing to help with that, please let me know. This a historic moment and it is due time we take a strong action, that will bring together all our energy, and this initiative will only be as powerful as it can be with mass US public support. As the statement says as American solidarity activists, we really need to step up and support it:

“It is very important that a strong contingent of American activists participate in the GMJ. In the United States, American tax dollars are endlessly being funneled into war, military occupation, and dictatorship throughout the Middle East. In addition to financing and arming oppressive regimes that have already been challenged by the Arab uprisings, U.S. tax dollars also continue to finance Israeli settlement expansion in Jerusalem and other such crimes against the Palestinian people. This is why it is essential for Americans to remain active in the push for a free Palestine through non-violent means, and they increasingly are. College campuses across the United States are organizing students to oppose Israeli oppression through non-violent campaigns such as the Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions movement. Hundreds of Palestine solidarity activists from around the U.S. converged last October for a student conference at Columbia University to organize a national campaign. Palestine continues to be a priority for those in the U.S. who seek justice in the Middle East. So while the U.S. government continues to harass American solidarity activists, they must remain steadfast in their support for their Palestinian counterparts through initiatives such as GMJ-NA, the North American division of the Global March to Jerusalem.

Salam, solidarity, hurriya,

Palestinians urge international community to join Global March to Jerusalem:


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