#OccupyOakland, Not Palestine proposal passes overwhelmingly -thank you OO!

Last night, Occupy Oakland once again displayed its national leadership – by being the first occupy movement in the country, to pass a proposal in support of BDS (boycott, divestment & sanctions http://www.bdsmovement.net) nearly unanimously. Though the solidarity statement was mostly symbolic, it forced OO to take a stand – and that they did, by voting overwhelmingly in favor of BDS and in solidarity with Palestine.

The importance of supporting BDS is not only symbolic solidarity with Palestinians however. Ending tax dollars, weapons and other support the US provides to Israel, would have a direct positive impact for our communities, in that the much needed tax dollars could be spent on health care, education and housing (for info how much is being spent in your community see: http://www.endtheoccupation.org/section.php?id=376).

Also, especially following this weekend’s attack on Occupy Oakland, what is most immediately important to understand is that this was a direct escalation of repression, and that local law enforcement throughout the country is working with the federal government and will be further clamping down on the growing occupy movements. In his ground breaking article titled: The Israelification of American Domestic Security Max Blumenthal describes in detail, the intimate relationship between local law enforcement officials across the country, being trained in repressive Israeli tactics:

“The Israelification of America’s security apparatus, recently unleashed in full force against the Occupy Wall Street Movement, has taken place at every level of law enforcement, and in areas that have yet to be exposed. The phenomenon has been documented in bits and pieces, through occasional news reports that typically highlight Israel’s national security prowess without examining the problematic nature of working with a country accused of grave human rights abuses. But it has never been the subject of a national discussion. And collaboration between American and Israeli cops is just the tip of the iceberg.

Given the amount of training the NYPD and so many other police forces have received from Israel’s military-intelligence apparatus, and the profuse levels of gratitude American police chiefs have expressed to their Israeli mentors, it is worth asking how much Israeli instruction has influenced the way the police have attempted to suppress the Occupy movement, and how much it will inform police repression of future upsurges of street protest. But already, the Israelification of American law enforcement appears to have intensified police hostility towards the civilian population, blurring the lines between protesters, common criminals, and terrorists. As Dichter said, they are all just ‘crimiterrorists.”‘ http://english.al-akhbar.com/content/occupation-%E2%80%9Coccupy%E2%80%9D-israelification-american-domestic-security

We hope this is the first step to building support and awareness about these critical issues, and that this proposal will be followed by similar proposals in other GA’s. The process is simple and I would like to encourage those you involved in occupy movements throughout the country, to do the same.


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