Proof that Thomas Friedman is more of a radical, than Norman Finkelstein!

I recently remembered a brief exchange I had when I spoke briefly with Finkelstein at the American Muslims for Palestine conference this past November. During our chat, I told him about the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) which will take place March 30th-Land Day, when people from all over the world are in the process of planning to march (in the tradition of his much revered Gandhi) to Jerusalem together with Palestinian refugees from Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

He listened closely, but was overly skeptical and generally dismissive about the idea. I told him it could be historic and that he should support it anyway, and that even the proud, establishment, unabashedly zionist, Thomas Friedman wrote in favor of such a march!

He insisted if Friedman had ever endorsed such an idea, the only way possible he would have done so would be to encourage Palestinians alone, from within the borders of historic Palestine itself. That is, there was no way Friedman would have made the case for internationals, and Palestinians to non-violently march to the borders of Israel, from the surrounding countries.

So I finally just went back and reread the original article by Friedmen titled Lessons from Tahrir Sq:

And so clearly (and sadly) it seems, even Thomas Friedman, is far more radical than the great Finkestein!? 😉

Friedman even earned himself the wrath of the usual Zionist trolls:

Fore more on the GMJ, see the statement by The Gandhi Foundation, and organization which “exists to spread knowledge and understanding of the life and work of  Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948). Our most important aim is to explain and demonstrate the continuing relevance of Gandhi’s insights and actions today.” –

Won’t you join us??


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