cafe occupied, Tahrir Square

While protests in Egypt inspired the world wide revolt against corporate tyranny and capitalism, today Tahrir square is experiencing another kind of occupation. Following the events that transpired on Sunday, which EVERYONE agrees were “the worst outbreak of violence to wrack this tense city since President Hosni Mubarak was forced from power eight months ago”, many were surprised to arrive to the square on Friday night (typically the big day of protests in Egypt) to see the following coffee houses being set up on the sacred Tahrir square.Though judging by the numbers of protesters, and disputes over who began the clashes, what is clear is that the ‘counter revolution’ is in full force today. According to Wikipedia, a “counter-revolutionary is anyone who opposes a revolution, particularly those who act after a revolution to try to overturn or reverse it, in full or in part. The adjective, “counterrevolutionary”, pertains to movements that would restore the state of affairs, or the principles, that prevailed during a pre-revolutionary era.”

While it is unclear to some, who is responsible or to blame for the events which took place at Maspero, the question is WHO, would benefit from the counter revolution, and such a viscous attack??



Perhaps an ahwa (coffee) house is behind the Massacre at Masspero!?!


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