road to Abbassiya

Army confronting Tahrir protesters with

Army confronting protesters with electric batons

Feeling a growing sense of stagnation, those staging the sit-in decided to march to the defense ministry last night. Before the peaceful marchers made it to their destination, they were met by the Egyptian army, who they faced off for a few hours before protesters eventually made their way back to Tahrir. Following is live video of the stand off:

Today, protesters returned to the ministry and were met by army officials who were heavily armed as tanks were positioned, with helicopters over head and prepared for battle. Surrounded from all sides the army used tear gas, which several people collapsed from while rocks were thrown at peaceful protesters, by armed thugs! Estimates of approximately 1000 protesters were injured before heading back to Tahrir to resume the sit-in.

Protesters have been debating the next step, it seems the army has provided them with ample reason to escalate their demands!

For more detailed information see:

In solidarity & tahrir.


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