Support Protester Sit In Demands!

I don’t understand the many Egyptians I know who support the revolution but are convinced that no more good will come from protests or the sit-in, and say people need to get back to business as usual. Though they realize there are still major problems and that nothing fundamentally has changed, they fail to provide alternatives required to make the changes that will transform Egypt into a real democracy. Others are unclear about the demands of the protesters, but still choose to criticize the hard work being done by these concerned citizens and ignore the major ongoing injustice taking place (such as the police who murdered protesters during the revolution, who were just released from jail without trial! , military tribunals for 7,000-10,000 civilians, while former corrupt officials/murderers tried in civilian courts!! etc).

Following are clear demands set by those currently sitting in. In my opinion at this time, Egypt has the potential to be a TRUE democracy (actually more so than the USA, which is actually a plutocracy – or rule for and by the rich/corporations) but only if ALL Egyptians get involved within their community – in any way they see fit.

We must support the revolutionaries, and learn from their reasonable demands who are doing their civic duty and part of determining the future of their country. There’s a lot more at stake than meets the eye.

“Late Friday night several demonstrators were collecting signatures from the different political groups, parties and movements taking part in the sit-in on seven points drafted as a proposal for a joint statement of demands and as conditions for the protesters leaving Tahrir and other sit-in sites around the country.

The demands are:

1) The immediate release of all civilians who have been sentenced by military courts and their retrial before civilian courts. Military trials for civilians are to be totally banned.

2) A special court should be established to try those implicated in the killing of protesters during the January 25 Revolution, and all implicated police officers are to be suspended immediately.

3) The sacking of the current minister of the interior and his replacement by a civilian appointee, to be followed by the declaration of a plan and timetable for the full restructuring of the Ministry of Interior, placing it under judicial oversight.

4) The sacking of the current prosecutor general and the appointment of a well-respected figure in his place.

5) Putting Hosni Mubarak and members of his clique on trial for the political crimes committed against Egypt and its people.

6) Revoking the current budget and the drawing up of a new draft budget that courageously acts to respond to the basic demands of the nation’s poor, and putting that draft budget to public debate before its adoption.

7) Clear and open delineation of the prerogatives of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, ensuring its powers do not infringe on the powers and prerogatives of the cabinet. The prime minister should have full powers to appoint aides and members of his cabinet, once that cabinet is purged of the remnants of the old regime.”,-to-go-on-until–de.aspx

Gotta run, on my way to Tahrir! 😉


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